hello,sorry this may be to much information but im abit worried,i have varscoise veins in my left leg and i have noticed i now have them (well down there sorry tmi)there quite bad and when i walk i can feel them pulling and it really hurts,its so umbarressing i have showed my oh as was so worried,it does say there normal to have but its horrible,dont know what to 31 weeks and 5days.


  • Hi hun, this is very normal especially towards the end of pregnancy! Its due to the increased blood flow and the pressure of the baby. They will go once youve given birth. I had them with my 5th pregnancy around my botty area too! (sorri tmi) Resting does ease the pressure so try and put your feet up when you can. Hope this helps, good luck Debs xx
  • thankyou,im so glad im not the only one,lol,there horrible things,i really hope they go after bean is born.i hadnt noticed them till last week when i was walking through town,i felt a horrible pulling sensation,and was like ummm thats strange.sometimes there very painfull when i walk but not long left now so i will just have to grin and bare it!lol,also what did you do about waxing down there?do you think its safe to?
  • Hi, i also had this with babies 2 & 3 (worse with 3) but i never had them in my legs, lol.

    My doctor called them vulval varicosities, sounds lurvely doesn't it, lol.

    They will ease after deliver, but after my 3rd (and last) i must admit that things don't look the same down there any more, lol.

    I also never showed my oh, so from about 30 weeks he never saw what was going on because i thought it would turn him off me for ever, probably overreaction on my part.

    Try to sit with you feet up as much as possible and lay on your side to relieve pressure, and also cold packs may help too.

    Good luck, Shell
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