Reflexology....highly recommended

Hi girls...hope LOs and yourselves are well...

My OH (the bestest in the world ever!!) booked me in for a surprise reflexology and massage today.

It was fantastic girls...I feel sooo relaxed but sooo full of energy of that makes any sense??

I am suffering with swollen ankles and back ache but already both feel 100% better.

I am going back in 3 weeks when I'm 38 weeks to have another session which should help with baby and labour.....

HIghly recommend it...

Katie and bambino.x x x
35 weeks today!!


  • Ahhhh it was fab and am going to carry it on after baby aswell. The lady was so lovely and I had a fab chat afterwards with her, as she is a mum of 2 and specialises in maternity reflexology.

    Forgot to say in last post that the baby was really enjoying it as was gurgling away and dancing about in my belly like a trooper!!!

    Let me know how your next session goes hun.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • ooooo so jealous sounds fab!!
  • I've been going too - I love it as it's so relaxing and my lo moves around like crazy during my appt so I guess he/she likes it too.
  • oh that sounds like bliss! I finished work today and I could so do with a treat. My ankles are so swollen, and my back is so painful!

    35 weeks today too!
  • Hi Click.....Have you had your scan yet??

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi,

    Yes i did post but I don't tihnk anyone read it!!

    PP is fine, it has grown away enough for the emergency exit to be free!! I was releived, as much as I am dreading the pain of labour, I really didn't fancy a c section. Couldn't really see much of the baby, it was so squashed, and not sure if its me, but the scanning lady was a bit miserable- I know its her job but its a massive deal to us ladies isn't it.

    Baby seems perfect and was about 5lb- so about average I think. It was a massive weight off my mind, and now I finally feel like I can enjoy these last few weeks- esp as I have just finished work! I am feeling huge- I had not put on much weight but its around the 2 stone mark now!! I know I should cut down on the treats, but its a bit hard isn't it??

    When do you finish work? Where are you based in UK?? So many questions! Hope you are well.

    C x
  • I have been looking out for any news from you hun so must've missed it!! Sooo pleased everything is fine and dandy for you and baby. My baby was face down so didn't see much either and my sonographer seemed a bit rushed but I thought it was just because I was there for placenta not really baby. Baby was measuring at 5lb 10oz which she said was fine but I thought it was a bit big for my liking!!

    I'm on mat leave now also but been a really hectic week so hasn't sunk in yet! I have put on just over 2 stone, I'm scoffing choc chip cookies as I type this to you so its no surprise really!!! I'm thinking sod it, last few weeks for excuse to scoff!!!

    I'm based in Kent, not far from White Cliffs of Dover..HOw about you hun??
    Now we both know we are going to have to endure labour do you know what hospital you are going to give birth in and packed your bag etc??
    Was you disappointed about c-sect?? I felt a little deflated after scan but all excited again now.

    Definatley have some kind of therapy hun, it was lovely to have some proper "me" time.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hi,

    Not packed my bag yet, plan to do it next week, although the bag i want to use is currently full of last years skimpy summer clothes- I got married last June and had lost a bit of weight for wedding, so will be so despressed seeing all my lovely clothes I can't wear!!

    I live in Chester, and there is only one choice of hospital, so thats where I am going, it seems ok, we have a full day antenatal class there on 9th May so will be able to look around a bit more, but seemed fine when I have been for scans, and I also tested positive for group b strep so saw someone there about that and they seem clued up.

    I am so fed up, I have got really bad backache, been awake since 4am and up since 5am! I am hoping I can see my osteopath today as its agony!

    Its not sunk in for me I am on mat leave, I am used to be so busy in work and trying to keep up to date with thr cleaning etc, so feels a bit odd to know I am now free of work! What is it you do? Are you going back?? I am a buyer for Shell, and plan to return PT in approx March/April next year.

    Hope to catch you later!
    C xxxxxxxx
  • Hi hun, Hope you had a good weekend? I got sun burnt yesterday on my chest so suffering a bit today. Was only sitting in my friends garden chatting!!

    I'm a customer service assistant in a big home store, I really miss it already as feel I'm missing out on the bargains and bits for my home, esp as nesting mode kicking in!!! I am going back but have taken a year off as my stepson starts school this year so I want to get him settled, then baby, and then I can go back on part-time basis. I love having my adult time so def want to go back, be about same time as you April/May.

    Your hospital sounds very positive, a whole day will definatley put your mind at ease and answer any questions you have. I have been in my chosen hospital twice because of bleeds and they are fab which has definately reassured me and put my mind at ease for labour.

    Baby has been really, really active this weekend, right low in my pelvis, went for a long walk yday including a few hills and my god I looked abnormal by the time we got back to the car!!! I have started taking Raspberry leaf capsules today and am going to walk as much as I can now (prob round the block at the most!!)

    Hope your LO well and has been letting you get some sleep this weekend.

    Katie and bambino.x xx

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