Badminton - should i play?!

Im meant to be playing badminton with my friends tonight but not sure if i should? I am quite sporty but have not played badminton for ages.
Im only 3+5 so really early but im constantly hungry and if i dont eat i get really dizzy spells.
Oh god im going to be such a worrier, i can see it now!!


  • Hi
    My mw told me to keep up with any activities I did before pg as its actually good for baby and how you feel yourself. You obviously need to make sure you don't slip or anything so perhaps just take it a little slower. I play alot of golf and carried on right through till about October time, I only stopped playing cos its too cold and used pg as an excuse!! If you get dizzy make sure you eat something before you go and have plenty of water with you.
    Hope you win your game!!
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