Im new, going to be a first time mummy!

Hi all,
I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself . I am 23+2 weeks with my first baby which is a boy,
I have now finished work and am soo bored I have started having full conversations with my dog now which i am sure she is less than pleased about lol, this morning went really well someone called me tubby which i thought was really nice of them but I am sure i have worse to come, and am i the only one that has started to notice it or being in bed with OH on a night hes either taken up that much of the bed i have to curl into a ball and cling to the edge like my life depends on it, and would probably have more room if i slept in the dogs basket! and the snorning my god its like a drill i feel like putting a couple of corks up his nose. Sorry for the moan ladies i think i need to start going out more lol well anyway just wanted to say hi and congratulations to all the mummys to be and i look forward to getting to know you all better.


  • Hi

    PMSL at your conversations with your dog; I was the same with my cat who's even less responsive! She just used to get up and walk out the room, stroppy little madam.
    At least it gives you practice for one-sided conversations, I narrate my every move, thought and feeling to my 16 week old son who just sits there and grins and dribbles. If you've seen Scrubs then you'll know what I mean about feeling like J.D.

    Hope you're feeling well and not suffering too badly with tiredness or sickness. For the last fews weeks of my pregnancy my hubby slept in the spare room cos I took up the whole bed and snored like a warthog, LOL!

    Take care of you and the bump and hope to hear from you soon x

  • where you from? I'm only 8 weeks so not got a bump yet. I have mnotived my OH is a quilt stealer and that he lies on my side of the bed alot i've learnt to get him to roll over so that i can lie in the middle and then see how he likes sleep ing on the edge lol ( he fell out the other morning absolutely hilarious!) anyways Hello and welcome!
  • pixie_woo, lol thanks for that im pleased I am not the only one, did start to think i was going a little mad, i know what you mean about the JD thing, everything is going fine in my pregnancy think i skipped the sickness I was only sick twice, I just have the dreaded heartburn and feel like any minute i will start breathing fire.

    CrotchetMom, I am from leeds congratulations on your pregnancy its exciting isn't it? I think i might have to sort mine and OH sleeping arrangements out.
    Thank you both ladies for making me feel welcome its so nice to talk to other people, my friends all have their own children now so aren't as interested listening to me ramble on lol
  • Congratulations, im a first time mum too, im 31+5 and getting slightly anxious but very excited about the baby coming. Im on maternity leave now and I dont have a cat or dog so I just have to talk to myself, not very stimulating and a bit one sided!!

    My OH has always slept on my side of the bed (we have a king size) and I sometimes wake up clinging on to the edge too and I look over to his side and its completely empty. Its worse now with bubba coming as he just wants to feel bubba kicking and his hand is firmly clamped on my bump.

  • hi hun i am 25 weeks this is my 1st too i cant wait i am having a little boy!!My bump has only started to grow i am still woking at the mo until xmas because i know how bored i will get at home what date r u due? laura xx
  • congratulations denise and laura hope your both feeling well im also starting to feel a little anxious im guessing thats the same for most pregnant woman someone is always there to tell you how long their birth took and sometimes i think i would rather not know what to expect lol, im a starting to think we may be better buying bunk beds lol

    Laura my son is due on the 9th of march, have you got any names for your son yet? we have chosen a name for him we like it but it seems to get a mixed reception,but then on the other hand they keep telling me its our son we should call him what we like even thought they cant help but coming up with more suggestions.
  • I quickly learned not to discuss baby names with my friends and family as you dont always get the response that you are looking for and its quite upsetting. I got really annoyed with my best friend and my mum as they turned their nose at a couple of suggestions so im not telling them anymore. Its not their decision and when the baby comes they will surely have to be polite and not say a word.
  • I havent decided yet hun me and oh before we spilt up decided on bradley i am not 100% on it do u think i would be spitefull if i choose a different name i havent heard of him in 6 weeks image I agree with u denise it is about what we want!
    laura xx
  • I think you are right it will be easier not to mention anything,ive told OH if anyone asks we are calling him 'pixie elf', some of the looks i have have had are quite amusing lol.

    I dont think its spiteful at all my best friend was in the same position, she has a little boy in may and her and her ex partner liked the name jake, but then he left and she decided jake wasn't quite right so she named him thomas
  • i am going to be a first time single mummy too, i'm 17+5 atm and being a larger lady i'm not showing at all, i get to have a double bed to myself and go through my days at work not talking babies as they dont know i'm preg yet!
  • Miss Piggy, how have you managed to keep your secret? It was hell for me not telling anyone and eventually gave in at around 8 weeks.
  • i'm a larger lady too miss piggy i'm 7+6 and my lower body is growing with the water intake image all my nice baggy tops are starting to get a lil snug image yes i'm excited but it seems forever away and i'm feeling a lil over worked at mo so feeling a lil exhausted and run down so also naturlly feeling a lil down. my OH doesn't understand and spends alot of the time i'm curled up in bed on the playstation image he's stuck to it as we don't have TV image sometimes i threaten to hide the cable so he can't play it. feel so detached from stuff lately like i'm not connected to anyone i'm just floating in life alone image i know its not true but i do feel that way sumtimes
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