Sorry Girlies if TMI !!

Hi Girls,

Im really sorry if this is TMI!!

I have been really constipated in the last week or so! Also have had really bad sickness feelings (I havent been sick just feel sick allday) I have been trying and trying to go to the toilet but it just wont come, yet my belly is in pain! It even woke me up last night and I had to go the toilet to at least try! Anyone got idea's? I have been eating so much fruit but it doesnt seem to be budging hardly anything!

Also the sickness thing -- I feel sick all day, I eat plain toast, ginger nut biscuits & nothing seems to be working to help me feel normal. Anyone got any idea's on this as well?

The things im eating that only seem to help with the sickness -- Toast, buttered crusty rolls, chips, ginger nut biscuits, KFC hot wings & plain crisps!! This is all junk food!! Im putting unnecessary weight -- and lots of it!! Please please help with some idea's -- I will try anything!!

Thanks 4 reading this girlies!!



  • hi hun, i used sickness bands in the early weeks and found them a big help(even if i looked a bit silly) i got them from boots they cost about ??7
    i usually hold my nose and drink prune juice (yuk) but it always works for me and lo when constipated. xx
  • PRUNE JUICE!! That is yuk!! But like I sed il try anything!! Haha!! xx
  • Fibergel, every morning seems to be working for my wife. Available from all normal chemists.
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