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is it just me or is this rude???

As you know im going to a baby shower, anyway i just recieved a message saying that its tradition to bring a gift, it says to bring a small gift as everyone will be giving another gift when the baby is born!
WTF i mean come on two gifts!!!!!!

is it just me or is this rude?



  • its greedy lol good way to get pressies though xx
  • I reckon they just mean don't feel obliged to spend much money, but yes that is badly worded, sounds very presumptuous.
  • seems a bit rude to me!
  • tell me about it! I have just spent 14 quid on a mamas and papas toy for her and now i have to go buy another gift when the baby comes. i bet you i get jack shit off of her when mine is born! Im so pissed about this, i hate feeling pressured into anything.

    p.s im not a stingy bitch its just im moving house in less than 2 weeks and im having a baby yself in a few months!
  • I'd say that the gift i brought if also for when baby is bornlol !.
    Sorry i'm not a fan of baby showers, i think they're a little cheeky!
  • Omg that is rude, i think if you give a gift at the shower then no need for another when baby is born.
  • Seems we all agree lol
    I'm not even having a gift list for my wedding! so i'd never ask for anything for my baby lol
  • Tis rude and basically saying I want two gifts! (Cut the toy in half and give her half at shower and say she can have other half after birth?!)

    Actually hang on a minute.... me and OH just got engaged, can we have a present if we invite you to engagement party? when we get married you can come to wedding reception, if you bring a gift? omg we're having a baby, cue baby shower (bring a gift), ooooh baby born (another present please), oh and by the way we're having them christened so can we have another present please.... and now its our wedding anniversary, the baby's birthday so more presents please! All in the space of one year! hehe
  • Glad its not just me, was beginning to feel very stingy!
    thanks ladies
  • I'm Canadian, where baby showers are very traditional. The idea is that the baby shower gift is your gift for the baby. People usually only buy another gift if they're very close to the family. Also, quite often in North America, baby showers are held after the baby is born. It's everyone's chance to meet the baby for the first time and bring their gift.

    When my first baby was born, my mum hosted a baby shower for me in Canada with family friends I'd grown up with. The tradition is more about women getting together to share wisdom and advice with a new mum - to show support - not about gifts.

    The trouble with Britain trying to adopt North American customs is that the meanig quite often gets lost and people don't substitute one tradition for another. The result is people feeling they need to buy two gifts. If I was given a gift at a baby shower, I would never expect to receive a second gift from that person. You shouldn't feel like you need to buy two things. Give your gift and a nice congratulations on your baby card and leave it at that.
  • Could you get something like a baby book for ??2.99 somewhere and give that and keep the toy for when the baby is born? It seems rude but i think it might have been well meaning but very badly worded. Hope she gets you 2 fab gifts for your baby!!
  • i say keep the toy 4 ur baby and buy them something a bit cheaper may sound mean but people who have babies should realise that u have to buy ALL of the things urself unless someone OFFERs to help then thats all well and good but why should everyone else stock their nursery up it was there choice to have a baby not urs xxxxxxx
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