scan worry-

I got my letter through for my first scan today! its on the 30th oct!
The letter says this is the dating scan where they check how far along i am, measurements, check how many there are in there etc etc and to bring some money if we want a photo.
I am sooo excited, however, I will actually only be 8+3 (if going from my LMP) or 7+2 (if going from ovulation date + 2 weeks) and not the full 12 weeks.
Will this matter??
I knew they were gonna ask me in for a scan early as my cycles were long-ish but I though that it would be about 10 weeks not 8!!

will they be able to see all they need to? and do you think il have to go back again at 12 weeks or (if everything is ok) will they just see me again at 20 weeks?

has anyone else had their "12 week scan" earlier than 12 weeks?
does anyone know if it matters that I wont be exactly 12 weeks?



  • Hi
    I would think that they have done it early to try and confirm your dates. If they can't see all they need to then they will probably book you another scan closer to 12 weeks.

    Naomi xx
  • ive not had an early one before, but id imagine they would ask you to back when your roughly 12 weeks if they need you to xx
  • I had mine at 10+6, so not that early, but it was classed as my 12wk scan, I have heard many women who have had it at 9/10wks have not been given a 12wk scan. x
  • I had 2 early scans at around 7 and 8 wks and because they could date me and see the heartbeat at the 2nd they didn't bother with another until 20wks. Could be different in your area though.
  • yeah i went for what i thought was my 12 weeks scan but i was 10 weeks. They measured baby and saw the heart going but that was abot it. I was sent away and had to go back at around 13 weeks for the NT scan and blood tests.
    I am suprised they have booked you in so early. Mind you it may be nice to see bubs a little early as it is reassuring, but you wont see much!
    Good luck
  • hi

    i went for my scan and according to the measurements it said iwas only about 11 and a half weeks so they booked me back in in 4 weeks time - went for my secomd scan and then it showed that my dates were right and instead of being 15 and a ahalf weeks i was actually 16 - but i know things are done differently in scotland to england so again it probably depends on the area where you live
  • i had my dating scan with my daughter at just over 8 weeks and all was fine and i only needed to go back in again at 20 weeks x
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