guts full of work

really had a guts full of school. its not the kids that are causeng me headaches its the other staff.

if im not being told i'm small for dates then im told im big.
if im not being told i still am not waddling then i'm told i am.
my head of dept is a pain in the arse, constantly stirring
my head teacher is being an arse regarding my request for part time hours when i go back to work after mat leave.

if i could afford it i would start my mat leave now but need to save some more onemy before i finish to pay the mortgage when i wont be paid for the last 3 months.


  • Schools are such funny places! I guess the good thing is that the days seem to go so quickly and so much happens each day that I often find that something that really bugged me on Monday is not even on the radar by Thursday.

    Maybe your HoD is just jealous that you have a way of escaping for 6 months!!! After all, having to report to your Head sounds like a nightmare, if he is as much of a bully over other things as he is over maternity leave.

    Get your calendar out and keep crossing off those days you have left... suddenly when you realise that it is only 3 more staff meetings till you go, things will seem a lot better!

    Keep smiling

  • thanks chick, just worked it out and i have 36 school get ups (if i take out halfterm and weekends.

    head has just agreed to my request to do 3 days when i go back. so there seems to be light at the end of tunnel (a very small speck but its there)
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