How's everyones symptons?


Jus wondered how everyone was. Think i've been quite lucky so far. At 4 weeks i was tired, nauseous and my boobs were pretty painful. Now at 5 +2 my symptons come and go. Some days my boobs hurt and some days i'm fine.

Hope you're not all suffering too much either

jules x x


  • Hiya julesb31
    Had a few symptoms, my boobs are painful all the time and i feel sick from the minute i get up to the minute i go to bed! Although only been sick about 4/5 times. Im unsure at minute weither im 7 or 12 weeks pregnant and cant see the midwife till 2 weeks tommorow!

    Mikayla xx
  • Hi jules,

    I am 5+5 and am shettered all the time. Started to feel sick last week,but it comes and goes.

    The most noticable thing is my bump I loce 6 months already!!

    Kerry xxx
  • Hi girls

    Poor u Mikayla. Sounds like you're suffering quite a bit. Worth it though for what we get at the end of it.

    I know what u mean Kerry. Altho I haven't got a bump as such, my work trousers are really tight. Can't do them up properly anymore.
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