Know any good Books?

Does anyone have any recommendations for good newborn/parenting advice books? I have read just about everything out there on conception and pregnancy (and continue to do so) but it occurs I need to know what to do with it when it arrives!!!! Anyone read anything good they can recommend?


  • I like "What to expect, the first year" It's broken down into a chapter for each month and then other general chapters for feeding, health etc. It is a bit of a daunting read, but I used to read each month in advance. I liked it so much I bought "What to expect, the toddler years" when Millie turned one.
  • Thanks. I'll look it up. Sounds ideal for me though as like to read in stages.
  • I was thinking about posting this topic too! I saw a Gina Ford book on Amazon which had ace reviews - it was a first year book - a bit like the 'what to expect in the first year book' but I think written by a UK author. Does anyone have this? x
  • Secretmama i found the big book from the midwife really useful for practical advice. Also bought the Gina Ford 'the new contented little baby book'. This is more of a guide on what you need and how to introduce routine but i think its brill - although have not put it in to practise yet lol.
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