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First scan

I had my first scan and was so excited to see the baby moving about! It was amazing. I shared my enthusiasm with those whose babies are due the same month as mine and nobody responded. :\? Thought people were meant to be supportive on here :cry: Oh well- think I will just stick to the pregnancy board.

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  • hi i had my first scan on wednesday just gone i found is so amazing the baby was a bit big tho as im actually 17 weeks lol but the baby was kicking and punching was so active my boyfriend started crying bless him it was amazing cant wait til the next scan now only 5 weeks to go !!!!
  • When you due? Ive got my 12 wk scan on weds and am really excited - can imagine how disappointing it would be if noone else shared your enthusiasm! Have had 2 early scans but am dead excited bout this one coz couldnt really c anything before - how did your scan go? Was it your 12 or 20?
  • Sorry bud! Just been back on June forum and noticed your post! Not really been looking on their much lately coz not many people answer on there! Have pretty much been keeping to the pregnancy one. Hope you are doing good anyway - Lee x
  • i had my first scan at 18wks and it was the most amazing thing ive every seen, oh had to hold back tears but once i came out room i was blubing all way home as it seemed so real, wait until you feel movements! im nearly 36 wks and this lo is still wriggling about - pregnancy is the most amazing experience ever so enjoy and take care xx
  • Thanks for the replies. Maybe just hormones and feeling sensitive. It's my first baby and I suppose I'd be classed as an older mum. The baby was unplanned. Just seeing the baby has changed my whole outlook on life! I can't believe how excited I am (from abject horror to delight!) and I burst into tears because I couldn't believe how amazing it was and to see something that's moving around already! It's my 12 week scan and I just can't wait until my 18 weeks scan - wahoo! I cannot wait to feel the movements either or meet him/her! I am just so in love with it and didn't think it would be possible.
  • Hiya, im looking forward to my 12 week scan but i dont know how far on I am. I was just wondering when you guys first went to the doctors? Ive done 2 tests which came up positive on Thursday. Ive only had one period since coming off the pill end of August so Ive no idea how far on I am. Think only week or two, have been feeling nauseous for about a week. How do I find out how many weeks I am?!?
    Thanks. x
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