Was just wondering if anyone had problems breastfeeding 1st baby but then managed to sucessfully breastfeed 2nd time around? I couldn't breastfeed my 1st baby and am in 2 minds whether to try with this one. Any advice gratefully recieved!



  • hi i sort of half heartedly tried with my first after starting her on bottles for 2 days then felt guilty, mwife said it would be possible to try to convert, but after only 2 times of trying i gave up cause i felt she was screaming so much and i felt i was actually harming her in some way casue i wasnt feeding her.

    this time i hope to try properly from the start. so i am wondering the same as you.

    when you say you had probs doing it first time do you mean that baby didnt take to it? i kind of felt like i had no milk!!! but im not sure if thats poss.?cause she was sucking as such but nothing seemed to be coming out,
  • hi,
    this is my first baby and i really wanta breast feed but im really worried i wont be able 2 for sum reason. is there any reason i wont be able 2?
  • Hi

    I struggled BF for the first 6 or so weeks but then it just sort of clicked and suddenly it became almost easy. I continued to BF until my LO was 19 weeks old when I chose to stop.

    It is worth persevering if you can.
    Your LO is only born with a rooting instinct and doesn't know how to latch on properly, its something they learn. As the weeks go by it gets better and better because you both get used to it. Just make sure that you're eating and drinking enough and your milk supply shouldn't be a problem.

    Be prepared for sore nipples, engorgement and leaking, its all part and parcel of BF but once you've got the hang of it its just the most wonderful experience.

    Tori G - As far as I'm aware, there are only something like 10% of women that physically cannot BF. As long as you're healthy, well-nourished and patient there shouldn't be a reason why you can't BF.

    Hope some of my waffle is useful, good luck with BF x
  • Lea77 - what happened with breastfeeding your first when you said you couldn't?
  • Well I think it was cos I have quite flat nipples, she just wouldn't latch on at all. She was screaming with hunger so had to be given formula from a cup. I had about 5 midwives all grabbing my boobs and trying to force Lily on, it was just quite upsetting. I didn't manage to feed her at all but I did express some milk so she had a bit for the first 2 weeks.

    It probably wasn't a physical problem as such, she just seemed to hate trying to latch on and there wasn't much for her to get hold of. I didn't mean to cause anyone else to worry, sorry! I don't think there are many women who actually can't bf but I didn't have the right support in hospital as every mw was telling me to do different things and both me and Lily were miserable.

    My mw says every baby is different and this one might be really good at breastfeeding, I guess you never know until your lo is here and you try .

  • my sil apparently tried bfing her first (she was only 14 when she had her...) apparently the baby bite part of her nipple off (lmao - sorry couldn't resist the chuckle knowing her) then she said she tried weith the second but don't think she really tried. my other SIL managed for about 6-7 wks b4 giving up and she was comfortable with it. its strange i have had this vision of breast feedin baby as long as they needed but in this day and aage its frowned up on after 6mths :S but why! its natural. i only hope i can cope with it!
  • Oh dear, my nipples are flat as well. Is this a problem? I am planning to bottle feed I think, but I may do a few bf's as I want my baby so get at least some of the colostrum as it protects them against infections. The reason is really that I live with my bf's parents and cannot imagine getting my boobs out in front of them! People are always round and I hate the thought of having to hide and feed

    Crochetmom, I have to admit I would probably look twice if I saw someone bf-ing in public, as it is unusual to see, but I wouldn't be disgusted or anything...then again I hate it when people breastfeeding do it until their kids are 4 or whatever. Did anyone see that programme a few years ago about extended breastfeeding, and there was a little girl of 7 who still had a feed at the boobs? weird!!!
  • I have one flat nipple (odd, huh?) and it was definately more uncomfortable feeding from that side. Your LO has to work harder to to draw the nipple out so might struggle a bit if they're really tired.

    You can try expressing a tiny amount of milk before latching LO on cos the suction from the machine (either battery or hand pump will work) will draw nipple out & make it easier for LO to feed.
    I BF'd for 19 weeks and by the end my LO would happily feed from both sides. LO's are so adaptable that they will find way to feed.

    On flat/inverted nipples, I had it explained to me like this: Imagine that your skin is made up of hooks. When your nipples are flat/inverted the hooks are really tightly held together which prevents the nipple from getting erect and popping out. The baby needs to stretch these hooks and loosen their grasp, once this is done the nipple will come out much more easily.

    Hope that makes sense and some of it helps x
  • I think Lily was probably just too lazy to spend time trying to get latched on...she's always been like 'I want food and I want it now!' So maybe the next one will be more receptive to the idea. Has anyone tried the devices that are meant to pull out flat nipples? Just wondered if they work at all.

    This time I won't feel guilty if I can't bf but I'm going to try. If I can't I will prob try and express again. I was allowed to borrow an electric pump from the health visitor which was really good- though not a lot came out! Don't think I ever got to the proper milk but at least she had the colostrum.

    For something that's meant to be natural it seemed awfully difficult to me! Plus not helped by the fact that my family are full of wise sayings such as...if you were in the jungle you'd have to breastfeed...even though most of them never did!

  • I had the same thing with my first. Really wanted to BF but found it so hard to do. Little boy was 8lb11oz so a real guzzler from the start and I'd never felt pain like it. Managed it for a week before giving it up as a bad job when nipples started bleeding (sorry tmi!!) and mastitis set in. Tried expressing too but wasn't overly successful with that either and felt like a cow sat there pumping away! My theory this time round is that I'll give it a go again and if it works great but if not I won't be beating myself up over it. It may be 'best for baby' as I keep being told but I think that baby is better having a happy mummy than one who is stressing out and in pain cos BF isn't working.
  • I feel exactly the same Zoe, it's hard enough having a new baby without having to feel guilty about how you choose to feed- I say the same, just give it a try and see what happens. xxx
  • has anyone ever only expressed and given it in a bottle? i really want to try bfeeding this time, but dont really like the idea of baby being at breast but i would want them to have best milk)
  • I expressed for 2 weeks but there was only enough for one feed a day so the rest of the time I had to give her formula- I never seemed to have much milk and that was expressing for half an hour 4 times a day. I think if you wanted to give entirely expressed milk you'd be like a cow in a milking shed at first trying to get enough out!

    Thanks Lara, it makes me feel better to know that sometimes people can bf their second baby even if they couldn't first time
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