The colour of my bump

Is blue image Found out today after much poking and proding from the sonographer that we are having a boy whoop whoop!!!

Everything is perfect with baby but I have to go back for another scan next friday as he kept covering his face with his hands so she didn't get a chance to check the face thouroughly.

Not hugely surprised that he is a boy as I thought he was from the very beginning but it was nice to see a little winky on the screen to confirm it image

He weighs 1lb and 2oz at the moment.

xx image


  • thats cool another boy,,,,
    prob mentioned before ,, when you due?
    (pregnacy forget everything !)
  • I am the happiest woman alive image

    I'm due 25th June (I forget everything in pregnancy to lol actually just had to look up my due date).

  • Congrats Caz!!! Pleased you were right, we didn't find out at our scan but thinking this one is a boy too!
  • cool i know im being so dumb at the moment i was cooking the other day and opened a can of beans and put the empty can in the fridge instead of the bin!! oh just laughed !! i didnt even notice till he laughed !!
  • I put the toothpaste in the fridge last weekend when putting the shopping away lol I quite like being forgetful it amusing.
  • Congrats mate - that is brill!
    As you know just found out am having my 3rd boy and it was a shock at 1st but now am soooooo excited. Boys really are all for their mums!
    I have not been able to resist buying stuff for my Tommy and today spent ??20 on pair of Converse Crib boots - I dont even spend that on shoes for me usually lol, also got his 1st adidas tracksuit today! There is soooo much cute stuff for boys around now. I bet you already been spending lol

    Love Lee
  • Aww congratulations! I'm having a boy too. I really wanted a girl but was sooo pleased when they said he was blue lol. xxxx
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