has anyone had loop diathermy done? (quite a long post)

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  • Ionly ask coz im a bit worried i had this done in 2006, never had any problems since having it done.
    But last night i went the toilet and i noticed bleeding it was bright red and fresh blood. bleed was only a one off and not happened since. I still got my self checked out tho, seen a GP in the walk in centre who examined my abdo and i had tenderness on my right lower side. so he sent me straight to the gyne ward at the hospital who checked me over and did an internal examination on me. the doctor said i had blood on my right side that looked dry like old redish/brownish blood, so she took a swap. Anyway i had a scan done there and then and baby was fine moving about and seen a heartbeat so they sent me home and said it could be due to the loop diathermy i had done or it could be just hormonal changes. i feel fine today just a bit tender on my right side. im just worried that this could cause my baby any harm and im quite puzzled as i didnt really get a explanation on what caused the bleeding. im 13 +5 weeks.
  • awwwh uni i'm afraid i've not heard of this so can offer no advice but i hate to read and rund i feel for you but try not to worry as you saw your lo is fine image just think in jus over 20 weeks you will have a baby to hold image
    Debz 18+4
  • Hello there, I had a loop diathermy or LEETZ procedure as i've found it's called as well. I had it done last year in May. I conceived in November. I haven't had any problems with bleeding though or anything like that so I really can't advise you. Although I don't think it should cause harm in the early stages. They do say that there is possiblity of having a baby premature but i'm not too sure. I would ring up the Doctors and NHS direct , to see if they can give you the results of the swab, but as long as the scan showed baby is alright then i don't think you have anything to worry about.
  • Hi there, I had the LEETZ done in April 2006 and I am 9+1. I too have had two shows in the last two weeks but I have been assured by my GP that the procedure has nothing to do with it. Also had a scan at 7+3 and what a relief to see my lo heart beating away. I have been told that its as simple as some women bleed during early pregnancy and others dont but I know its not as easy as all that not too worry. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you don't have any more bleeding and that you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.
  • thanks for you replies girls, im feeling fine and know lo is ok as i seen him/her on the screen moving about just cant stop worrying xx
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