My pet has died :( .......

You may laugh, but my fish died through the night image

I know its a big bit different from a cat or dog etc, but it was a Discus fish and the size of a CD so was really big!!

She had beautiful colours and her name was Topaz, i feel quite sick about it, she was just lying on the sand at the bottom and her hubby Lava (they're a breeding pair) was lying over her. They followed eachother round the tank all the time and lay eggs every few weeks, but unfortunately the other fish would eat them so we haven't had any success with babies and now we never will :cry:

This is a pointless post but needed to get it out, im very hormonal and love my pets :\(

Sharon x


  • oh no hun poor you. when i first saw your post i thought OMG it was your dog, as did you post about your dog a while ago? my heart nearly stopped as i love my little doggy to pieces. but a fish is still a pet. xxx
  • thats really sad. you shouldn't feel silly, a pet is a pet regardless of what it is. my hampster died just before christmas and my pther half took the micky coz i cried for hours after. yes probably partly threw hormones, thay certainly didn't help but still a pet is a member of the family.
  • OMG when i first saw this I thought you meant Kelsie or Belle!! I do understand know i am a pet person too and I used to have tropical fish and whenever one died I got upset - although ex used to find me very strange and I wasnt even hormonal then! (well just a little).

    Keep smiling hun xx
  • oh no that is so sad- especially when you described Lava floating over her. pets are part of the family regardless what sort they are. poor you, hope you feel better soon and baby arrives to take your mind of it xxx
  • I'm sorry to hear that. Pets are wonderful and all animals are worthy of being upset over when they go. I'm sure you'd feel just the same if you weren't hormonal as you wouldn't have animals if you didnt care about them.

    Hope you're feeling happier soon.

    Mrs E
  • aw sorry to hear that, totally understand when a pet dies whatever species it's sad, and poor Lava too :cry:
    i get upset whenever one of our pets die, one time 'bigfish' (now deceased) had grown so much he got stuck in a wee teapot I'd put in the tank as a cave for them, and OH had to pull him out backwards by the tail, and i was traumatised about that for days even though apart from swimming on his side for a few days he was OK and lived for several years after it! (don't worry the teapot got removed from the tank...!)

    (((hugs))) and hope your little girl arrives soon, that will take your mind off it a bit ;\)

    aileen x
  • hugs to you! x
  • Pets are part of the family and you are right to feel sad... See if the male fish can have another companion (if he would accept one) this may make things better... That was so sad when you said he was lying over here... ;-( (Hugs to you) xxx
  • aww im sorry to hear that hun image xxx
  • Really sorry to hear about you losing your pet hun. Pets are a big part of the family and we fall in love with them. If we had more people like you in this world we'd have no rescue centres or RSPCAS. Sending you hugs and best wishes xx
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