who's treating themselves over c'mas?

who's being naughty and ahving a couple of things they probably shouldnt ahve?

Im not eating peanuts but will be ahving...
brandy butter......christmas cake/pudding which have been spiked with alcohol! also have a small amount of warm mulled wine that i will slowly sip!

tempted to tell family...they cant drink wine cos im not allowed it lol!

Im 16wks but havent told family yet. Decided not to until cmas unless i start showing before. hubby and I keep ourselves to ourselves and therefore we are not people who like to be centre of attention etc. Not looking forward to my families shreking reaction when we tell them!!

how did everybody elses parents react?

Look forwad to hearing your replies...take care xxx


  • wow youd be a good friend to have you never tell people your secrets how you managing not to tell people I hate being centre of attention but Id have burst by now
  • My parents were over the moon, but I've had a tough few years then dad just got over a health scare and I told them on the morning of their 25th wedding anniversary coz we were having a big party and they would've twigged with me not drinking. But we didn't tell his until after my first scan.
    I don't like brandy butter anyway, but its ok to have xmas pud as most of the alcohol gets burnt off whilst its being cooked, if anything its quite good for you coz its mainly dried fruit.
    I couldn't have waited til 16wks coz I already had a huge bump by then and could only wear maternity bottoms!x
  • Hi I agree there is I could have kept it a secret for that long.

    I have treated my self to a miniture baileys to have on xmas say with ice!!!

    But thats all really as i will be 32 weeks next monday.

  • Hey I told my parents straightaway cs my mum knew we were ttc and they v happy for us - my dad was bit funny cos we only got married in August and thought we should wait but we already have one child anyway. Told hubbys mum and sister too and then they told everyone else! I keep getting calls from aunts and uncles to congratulate! I did tell people i work with as am in very small office so they would have noticed sickness etc. I'm 14 wks now and am in maternity clothes so most people notice but I don't really like to tell people - I have sent a little note with xmas cards announcing our news officially so I don't have to go round and tell evryone else face to face. I don''t like talking too much about it and get v bored answering all the questions that people ask- how are you feeling blah blah blah. Next time I will say bloody fantastic tired constipated sick still want to ask me questions do u?!?!
    I will treat myself to v small gls of weak wine (lambrini perhaps) as xmas treat - really really want peanuts but as hubby allergic i best not!!!!
  • i shall be indulging in wine spritzers and maybe a few nuts lol craving peanuts so had a few child will end up with an allergy of sorts with me as a mom lol i'm allergic to alot. as for telling ppl i told as soon as i new 1 coz of type of job, 2 my parents new we were ttc they're well happy it will be their 3rd GC and don't realy care about the sex. his nan is happy although his grandad said oh would regret it! but then as i said it seems to be an old ppl thing they all seem to regret being parents! wierd! can't wait to see my baby grow up!
  • I really want some peanut m&m's but I'm being good as hubby had bad asthma as a kid and is really worried baby will be the same! I was naughty last week and had a sloe gin and lemonade when out with some work people...it was good and the first drink i've had since march so I'm sure it won't matter!

    I might just treat myself to another one on christmas day whether baby is here or not.. I've had a bottle in the cupboard for months that hubby bought me for after baby is here..just need to remember to get some lemonade!

    I told my parents about the pregnancy after we'd been for the 12 week scan when they were in poland tracking down family.. it amused me to tell my mother that she'd need to be adding one more to the family tree..the timing was great! image Hubby told parents over the phone cause they live away. No way I'd have told them face to face... I'd rather keep myself to myself and not have to deal with in my face reactions!
  • hey kia i was told by allergy lady i'm seeing that by not having nuts you may cause an intolerance! maybe a few will help baby adjust to nuts so not being allergic? I'm severe chronic asthmatic, and have exema and hayfever and a few other allergies... its personal choice as long as you don't over indulge a few wont kill! lol at timing with parents nothing more perfect
  • mite have some x-mas pud even if it got a bit of booze in it and x-mas cake, it's not x-mas din-dins without x-mas pud and custard. wont be drinking any booze though coz it makes me sick [ not happy bout it boooo ]. when i told my mum i was pregnant i told her over the phone and she just went quiet, i thought she put the phone and walked off leaving me still talking on the other end.
  • ooh crochetmom does that mean that i can eat a peanut butter sandwich even though hubby allergic to nuts? Will have to go buy some as he binned my jar to stop me eating it!!!
  • My brother has a asthma problem!!!and I had it as a kid. They ask you not to eat peanuts cause of things like that, that can be passed on. Think about it. If there is a nut allergy you shouldnt be having any nuts at all. It's only peanuts cause those are the ones that can make the risk of passing on OTHER allergies higher. It's not Nut allergies. It's everything else. Well that's what my MW told me anyway. Cause i love peanut butter.
  • Apparently there has been a rise in people suffering nut allergies in the last few years - roughly since the time docs started recommending pregnant women avoid peanuts...... coincidence?
    I've had a couple of peanut butter sandwiches in the last few weeks, they were so good it was worth the guilt!
    think i might indulge in a glass of wine on xmas day as well, bad mummy!!
  • I havent stopped doing anything really, i still eat nuts & have the occasional glass of wine, i not a lover of xmas pud but think i would still eat it. Am gonna have a glass of wine with lemonade or 2 on xmas day !!
  • Crochetmom - your allergy person has confirmed my suspicions to be honest - I've read too about the rise in peanut allergies lately and I'm not convinced that avoiding them does any good. I have been though cause hubby has asthma and was very sick as a kid so he does worry. I think i'll start eating them occasionally when breastfeeding to expose baby even though they don't recommend it... my view is that if you keep baby in a bubble and dont let them get exposed to anything then it won't do them any good. I'd rather baby have an intolerance than an allergy though - its easier to deal with

    I'm fairly convinced that my lactose intolerance has its roots in the 3 or 4 years that my parents were pretty much dairy free when my mum was told she probably had a dairy allergy (she didn't... they were just fobbing her off!!)

    I'd be interested to know what the connection between peanuts and asthma/exzma is to be honest!!
  • i was told if immediate family had nut allergy to avoid it but as no1 in my family has nut allergies they have sugar salt, milk intolerances, allergies to scented smellies and things like that i have a SEVERE allergy to grass pollen lol had a skin oprick test but you can't give baby antihistamines or they'll not be imune to stuff! makes my life hell as of feb lmao! we don't know what causes my exzema (only had it for last 2 yrs) or oh's exzema (he only gets it IN his ears!) but which ever way it goes i'm cautious on hte intake of peanuts but i refuse to not eat them incase of a nut allergy. or else i could be causing more damage. if i am unable to breast feed my bubba i've applied to join a patch test scheme to give hypoallergenic milk. to help give baby the best start in life
  • Hi girls,
    Someone posted this link before but i agree, it kind of makes sense that you need to expose babies to things to build up resistance - see link about eating peanuts http://news.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,91168-1285008,00.html - it supports what Crotchet Mom says.

    I will have a glass of wine and christmas pud etc cos the alcohol is burned off. Non alcoholic Becks is quite nice for those wanting something other than fruit juice!!! (i think someone on here mentioned it already) . I will miss cheese and pate this year . All worth it though - am really excited about Christmas this year - Merry Christmas! x
  • Oh the skin prick tests are fantastic aren't they crochetmom!!! I couldn't drive afterwards cause my arms were so itchy! Still..it wasn't as bad as the patch test where you can't shower for 2 days cause its on your back!

    Weird isn't it how allergies/intolerances can come on later on in your life.. I think I was about 25/26 when the lactose intolerance started to kick in - just took a long while to figure out what it was and then sort my immune system out - doctors weren't much help and I had to get stroppy to get the tests! the dietician on the other hand was fantastic when I finally got to see him.

    Bet you have fun being pregnant in summer and unable to take antihistamines!! I got the nasal spray from the docs for hayfever which did keep mine under control..but I don't get hayfever that badly any more fortunately!
  • Well i had champagne jelly as part of my work christmas party menu. Bet there wasnt much champers in it though.

    i may have a small glass of something alcoholic on Christmas day and NYE but will see how i feel. We are out with parents in law for NYE and they like to drink pink Cava which i love so may have a small glass of that.

    All ive had since i found out i was pregnant in August is a very small glass of champange which i took ages to drink and the odd sip of hubby's beer when we have had a curry. Looking forward to the food more than anything!
  • I cracked last week and had a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes and will probably have a glass or two of champagne over the christmas period if baby doesn't decide to make an entrance (am 38 wks). I cannot wait to be able to eat runny eggs!!!!!!
  • I've been eating peanuts all the way through lol. Oh doesn't have any allergies at all - and I only have eczema which isn't severe and only started appearing a few years ago when I was about 16 so just a teenage thing, stress probably. I have NO idea how that is related to nuts!! My stepmum had my brother when she was 38 and went all out with the nuts thing - I don't think he's ever ate a peanut and he is 9! Cos she's convinced it'll cause an allergy.

    I've also been indulging in runny boiled eggs - yum!!!!!! I shouldnt have cos I can't get enough of them now and have had them 3 times in about a week oops...I've been loving pickled onions as well and suck the vinegar off a spoon, I'm sure that can't be good for my teeth!

    I'll probably have a few glasses of wine over christmas but won't go over 2 units a week, a shame, lol. Although saying that, that doesn't count the brandy on the christmas pud :lol:

  • well over xmas i have xmas day with my mum another xmas day on boxing day with o/h mum and another xmas day with my dad on the 29th with a wedding inbetween lol so i may treat my self to a lil baileys with loads of ice.
    telling my mum i was preg was so funny about a month b4 i fell preg which was a happy accident my mum sat down with me n o/h and both my bros with their girlfriends and told us she was ready to b a nanny and told us all to get a move on lol but we all laughed at her as none of us were trying to get preg !!
    i fell preg a month later and went to see her the day we found out i told her to sit down and i gave her the preg test and see kept looking at the test and then at me this went on for about 5 mins lol
    she then looked at me and said r u pregnant??? to which i said yes!!!
    she then jumped up and hugged me while my step dad got a bottle of champers my mum then hugged my o/h and he said to her "your gonna be a nanny" to which she started crying and screaming lol i will never forget telling my mum her reaction was so funny lol
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