I'm back and have a q about early scans

Hi All,

I got my new BFP yesterday following a PUL in December and am feeling very happy!

The dr's said that this time round I would get an early scan. My question is that I have long cycles too (38 days) and my GP will date me on the 28 day cycle. I'm just a bit worried that they might make me go too soon and there won't be much to see. Or that they send me and because of my gp's dates it gets counted as a dating scan. How does it all work?

Thanks for your help.

Sam x


  • Hi darling

    I am sooo pleased to see you back here image Congrats again.

    They normally date you from the first day of your last AF. Mine were 32 days and they dated me from that.

    They will be careful to get this right to make sure they see a heart beat as you can see that from 7 weeks I think so I am sure they wont get you in too soonimage

    K xx
  • Hey you, congratulations!!! I am so pleased for you! Sorry I'm not going to be any help on the early scan as I wasn't allowed one, but just wanted to say congrats really!

    Take care of yourself,
    Caroline xxx
  • Thanks ladies.

    mrsneish2b, I really hope it's just a cock up on their part with your dating. Let us know how you get on.

    S x
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