I get to see my baby again!!

Hi all, I had to go to the day unit today as when I saw my midwife on Monday I was measuring small for dates. She thought it was just because he was laid sideways but refered me just to be on the safe side. He tipped up last night and is now head down so when the measured me today I was bigger, they put a trace on and everything was fine but apparantly protocl says I have to have growth scan! So I have an appointment for next Tuesday, I am really excited as I thought the next time I saw him would be when he was born. Just hope he doesn't turn out to be a she!
Kerry xx


  • You lucky sod!

    Wish I could see Tommy 1 last time before hes born in 4 wks! Am really really getting curious as to what he looks like now. How much detail will you see mate!

    Loving the new piccy of little one - she looks more gorgeous than ever!

    Love Lee
  • hiya this happened to me too, but when i say the consultant he done a scan but i didn't get too see as he was in the way and he was just measuring! and your baby is actually to big to see anyway, i was gutted all i saw was the top of his head!
  • I'm guessing we won't be able to see much as he must be getting pretty squashed in there!

    I think the summer suits Millie, she goes brown in about 30 seconds and her hair goes really blonde. She must take after her dad, all I go is pink!
  • hi kerry im hoping to get another growth scan when i go in for my induction date fingers xxxd, i was suprised how much i could see at the last one babys facial features were really clear looks just like my other two hope ur scan is good n sizes r good xxxxxxxx
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