Struggling to cope!

Hi Girls,

Im 10 wks pg tommorrow and for the lat 2 weeks i have been sick morning, noon and night. I feel sick every minute of every day and struggle to keep anything down at all, even fluids!
On Thursday i started sicking up little bits of blood which has continued occasionally since.
Im also mega tired and will randomly fall asleep when im sat on the sofa and wake up 2 or so hours later.
I saw the doc on Thursday and she says ive caused some slight damage to the lining in my throat due to all the wretching. She gave some me some medecine to help with sickness but told me to hand out for as long as i can before taking it. I have another appointment with her next week.
She has signed me off sick for 2 weeks from work.
She is convinced im having twins, not only due to my extreme symptoms but also due to the fact im too big for my dates which i know are 100%accurate. There are also several sets in my side and also in my hubbies side.
I feel so shit i spent most of yesterday crying and become emotional over silly things like yeaterday my husband mentioned he was picking up his 2 kids on Thursday instead of Friday (we will have them until Monday) and i cried because i just cant cope with having them at the moment

Have any of you had such bad symptoms and if so when did it all end as im really struggling

Gemma :cry:


  • Hi Gemma, I really feel for you, so sorry you're feeling so unwell at the moment. Hopefully this sickness will pass and it's good that you can rest at home for 2 weeks without having the prospect of a day at work to stuggle though. Sending you lots of luck and hugs! X x
  • I wasn't as bad but I can really sypathise. I have a toddler so when I was sick at the begining it was really hard having to cope with feeding her as well. Several times I had to get up halfway through her meals to be sick.

    It will get better, with both my pregnancys I started feeling less sick at about 12 weeks and by 15 weeks it had gone completely, the tiredness also lifted at about this point. If I were you I would go to bed, take some dry biscuits, or anything else you can keep down with you and stay there! If your oh's kids are coming for the weekend explain to him that you really can't help with them, he'll just have to cope by himself! If it is twins then your body is working really hard to provide them with everything they need, which is why you are so tired. If you just go with the flow for now and sleep when you need to, you should feel better in a few weeks.
    Take care
    Kerry xx
  • Hello

    i feel so sorry for you , i was eactly the same in the begining of my pregnancy. im now 39+4 weeks now. I was signed of work for the morning sickness and i was constantly fainting with low blood pressure. Nothing really makes you feel better , i was in and out of hospital to on a drip as being sick all the time made me dehydrated. The only thing you can do is let it pass it wil do at some point i was 4 months before thwe sickness stopped and the fainting is still going on. Sorry i know this is not much help but i really do uinderstand how your feeling and i know its horrible because you want to enjoy your pregnancy but some people just have a bad pregnancy . hopefully you will be feeling better soon and have that pregnancy glow hat everyone talks about lol x
  • hi gemma
    i'm aprrox 8 wks preg and my sickness isn't as bad as yours but i still hate it. i'm still on mat leave from my lo so dont have to work but i'm really struggling looking after my 3 month old lo whilst being sick.
    i find that drinking runny honey helps a bit with the throat, mix it with yoghurt so its not too sickly sweet.
    hope things improve soon hun
    susie xxx
  • Thanks girls, Oh Susie that must be hard trying to look after such a little baby to. My step kids are 9 and 5 so pretty self sufficient and the thought of having them for 5 days reduces me to tears at the moment. My hubbie is great though and i cant grumble at all.
    Im so hoping this passes soon as at the moment i cant enjoy this pregnancy and i just so want to.
    Congratulations to you all on your pregnancys and good luck.xx
  • yeh it is hard work but i just gotta remember its my own bloody fault for being careless lol!!
    sounds like your stepkids are a good age, hopefully they should realise you're feeling crap and leave you be or just smother you with hugs. if they don't you could always pretend you're asleep!!
    liking the pills idea zoey, us preggers ladies are such druggies lol.
    susie xxx
  • awww hun! I know the sickness is horrible but trust me, it will get better soon. I had it terribly until about 17 weeks. I'm 26+4 now and much better. The only things I can suggest are natural remedies like ginger biscuits, flat coke and mints. I found these worked for me along with eating a digestive about half an hour before I got out of bed, it just settled my tummy. But do start taking your tablets if its really bad! I know what you mean about coping with the kiddies, as much as I love my daughter I found her really really hard work when I had my sickness, everything was such an effort! Shes 4 so quite a good age to realise mummy isnt well and was really well behaved, she even brought me a glass of water when I was being sick once bless her!
    Hope you feel better soon.
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