growth scan

probably the best feeding accessory we bought


  • Couldn't have done without this flask. We constantly use it in the house to always have hot water at the ready for bottles etc. Very good buy.
  • Had one of these nine years ago with my first son and didn't hesitate to go out and get one straight away this time! So handy.
  • had my 28wk growth scan today and blood tests.the baby has slowed down now which is gd so his growth is back on track image i have my mw app tomorrow at 1030am too.
  • why did you need a growth scan? i've not been on for a while to read back over things so i've probably missed the big message on thing happening... btw thats good news it means baby wil be easier to handle?
  • at my 20week scan i got told my baby was big for dates so i had to cum bk today wen im 28weeks and they checked his growth but it seems to of slowed down which im happy bout.cos they kept tellin me my babies goin to b big wen hes born so hopefully he wont b now
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