hi all just thought id post n c if every1 else experiences this!im alm ost 38 wks n on tues night decided 2 c if sex wud get lo moving!!well anyway about 10 mins after i started with wot im assuming must have been braxton hicks but they were really painful,i ended up gettin up n goin dwnstairs for a cuppa 2 c if they stopped!well they didnt n were bout every 4-5 mins in the end.Went to the loo bout 3x too so i was actually thinking summat woz happening but wanted 2 w8 just 2 c.Anyway woz absolutly knackered n finally fell asleep at bout 4.45am.Woke up nxt mornin n nothing!id had the pains for bout 3 1/2 hrs.Strange!any1 else experienced this?i darent av sex now!!lol hanna xx


  • ha ha - no, haven't had this cos I'm having a section and been banned!

    You're obviously going to have to have more of it to get lo on it's way! Could be happy days for oh! Can't believe you're 38 weeks already!

  • i am 34+4 and havent had this yet but sex does kick off braxton hicks for about half an hour or so.
    sounds like a good sign though i'd say...give it another go in the day time and see what happens when you stay awake (i realise this makes your oh sound a bit like a carnival ride but im sure he wont mind! haha!)
  • HI girls, I'm 37 weeks and want to know how the hell you are managing to have sex!!!!

    I have tried many positions with my OH and its just too uncomfortable or painful!!! Have decided not to bother anymore and have just upped my raspberry leaf intake and walk everywhere!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • karen i know i cnt beleive im already 38 wks its flown!im sure she'll b here when shes ready but cdnt beleive them pains,they went on for bout 4 hrs!never had that with holly.Havent tried again since!! xx
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