Pram bedding

Hi ladies,
We have bought the quinny buzz 4 package with the carrycot, and I have had a sudden though about bedding - is it necessary to have bedding in the carrycot? Sorry if this is a stupid question, its just something I saw online that suddenly occured to me. Do you need fitted sheets and blankets etc or will warm clothing and a fleece blanket do the job?

Thanks in advance




  • ahhhh BE ate my reply!!

    I have the same pram as you and bought some fitted pram sheets from john lewis - i didnt think about it till my mum mnetioned it either but suppose you do need them to make it washable?! Haven't checked tat they fit though!

    Mel 27+1
  • glad you've asked this as i'd not thought about it either!!

    Hope ou not too tired after all those night shifts!
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