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hi i am carolineb and i am 18 weeks pregnant, and i moved to dubai from uk in november with my husband. this is my second pregnancy as i misscaried at 20 weeks and it was difficult. so this pregnancy was a shock as it has taken 4yrs to conceive. and we were going to give up hope. i am high risk and i have had some problems from bleeding to back paind and fainting and i am a little scared as i lost the first baby at 20weeks. and being in a strange country is very difficult, and also my husband travells allot with his work, and to top it all off we are not getting on either. he seems to be neglecting me and the problems i have as a high risk pregnancy.

so i am on here looking for friends to chat too and keep going. so get in touch



  • Hi Caroline

    I'm so sorry to hear about your late m/c. That must have been so tough - hugsxx

    I can't believe how hard it must be to be thrown into an environment completely alien to your own and with your husband not being around much either it must be doubly hard.

    Do they know why you lost your first baby so late on? Is it something that has been addressed now or is the worry still there?

    We are in the middle of a major extension on our house (no kitchen, no cooker, no washing machine, only running water on the 3rd storey, rubble and mud everywhere sort of extension!) so I'm feeling neglected as well as my dh's whole time is spent on either working (permanent nights, sleeping in the day) or sorting out the building works, so I come on here quite a bit to touch base with other people that are actually interested in pregnancy related issues!!!

    Chat soon
  • Hi Caroline,
    First of all welcome to the site & congratulations on your pregnancy, fingers crossed everything goes well for you this time round although i'm sure your finding it difficult to relax.

    This site has been fantastic & I have noticed a few women who are living in dubai- why don't you post to see if there are any specifically from dubai as they will be able to appreciate what its like being pregnant & delivering in a strange country.

    Aside from that i'm sorry to hear you & your husband are having difficulties, i'm sure your previous experience has you both very tense but we're all here to listen when you need us.

    Look after yourself & your LO
    Lauren (37+1) xox
  • Hi Caroline
    Welcome to the site - you'll find loads of us here to chat to and every question under the sun answered.
    I'm also sorry to hear of your late m/c and wish you all the best with this pregnancy.
    I love Dubai and cannot wait to visit again! my dad used to work in the middle east a lot when i was younger (a lot younger!!) in hospitals and from what i could gather the treatment etc was a million times better than our wonderful NHS! How are you finding the move, it is a lot to adjust to?
    My DH works all hours god sends, so have often felt a bit lonely too. This site is great for chatting to like-minded people - you really get an objective view on things, that you may not get from friends/family!
    Take care
    Sarah xx
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