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mamas and papas wave rocker anyone?

Hi girls,

I have just ordered the wave rocker reduced from mamas and papas after reading goo reviews but was previously put off by the price!! Has anyone else got one or any reviews of their own in case i do wish to send it back!!



  • hi there, we bought one of these for our DD at the weekend, she is 7 weeks, it's a lovely chair we got it in Made with Love, the only thing is she still gets a bit overstimulated if I let her rock herself in it for mre than 5 or 10 minutes with the toy handle on lol, she goes a bit bugeyed image I take the handle off and wedge a towel under the rocker bit when I want her to just chill in it, and then she is quite happy to have her naps in it as well xxx
  • you can lock it into a stationary position to save you from wedging a towel under it i think.That's good you like it then, i was a bit worried when other bouncer/rockers had all singing and all dancing for less money but it looks really well made and don't want to always need baby entertained if it gets used to that in the chair!!x
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