I look like s**t

For the first 5 months of my pregnancy i had nothing but compliments about how i was glowing and looked lovely. all of a sudden almost overnight i have turned into a middle aged fat old hag! my face is HUGE its all bloated, i have really bad bags.my eyebrows are growing at an alarming rate (so is all the other hair) my hair is lank and is usually my best feature. my ARSE looks like that woman from the tom and jerry cartoons and im waddling boo hoo sob sob sob another 10 weeks of this i cant bear it. Can anyone reccomned any vitamins or tonics etc or should i buy a huge bar of choc and hide under the duvet to ride out the rest of this storm? xxxx :cry:


  • Welcome to the club - stick with the chocolate hon!

    The only tips I can give you are beauty related (I'm a beauty therapist) and I follow them myself to look slightly more normal - looking good these days doesn't even come into it!

    Firstly, if you're white (and looking pasty) apply some of the daily tanning stuff - it takes away the ill look! Slap some on at night and use proper moisturiser in the morning cos it can dry out your skin.

    In the morning, apply some bronzer to your cheeks, use an eyelash curler on your lashes and slap loads of black/dark brown mascara on. Bit of lipgloss or tinted lipbalm and you're ready for the day!

    Always make sure you've got some lovely perfume on, hair washed (even if it's scraped back into a bun cos you can't be a*sed to do anything with it) and it'll help you feel tons better I promise!

    Drink plenty of water if you're not doing so.

    Sorry all my advise is superficial but hope it works to bring you up a bit!

    12 days to go
  • Hi hun I feel the same! My husband was constantly telling me I was glowing up until a week ago and now all he says is "are you ok? you look really tired" which I take to mean you look like crap! I have loads of spots, my hairs quite lank and wont do what I want it to do. The only thing that hasnt happened yet is my face bloating, my hands and ankles have but my face is alright at the moment, although it'll probably be the next thing to go! They do say though that if you find your less attractive in pregnancy its a boy because of all the conflicting hormones. I dont know what I'm having so dont know if its true or not, do you know what your having?
  • girls i know exactly how you feel. iv been told by several people i havent looked well since iv been pregnant, i cant help but feel like that is an indication i look awful. i have bad spots, greasy hair, huge ankles at the end of each day and my skin colour makes me look like i havent seen sunlight for months, i am tryin but so huge that im uncomfortable. i am never havin anymore, i couldnt do this with a young one!! roll on july. xxx
  • Artygal can I come and share your chocolate and hide under the duvet too?

    I to have another 8 odd weeks and look pewtrid! Sob sob.
  • your more than welcome, i have just bought my OH a campbed for those nights when i just need that extra bit of leg room hehe hope he takes the hint. i am havnig aboy carleybarley so maybe tis true bout the ugly thing. xx
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