tesco preg tests?

hi has anyone used a tesco test? i done one today as im6 days late and firstly a line came across(which is not a pos or neg) then a line went straight down after a couple mins any 1 had this? thanks x


  • hi,i i used a tesco test on wed and i had the same thing. I then did another one and it did the same again.
  • i then went to the doctors on thurs and he confirmed that im pregnant
  • aww congrats on ur pregnancy my lil boy is only 18 weeks lol, so did i get a line like - across the result box to begin with?x
  • thank you. My lil boy is 6 months, so kindov a shock. the line across came first and then the other line after about 30 secs to a minute.
  • same here do another tomorrow to see if i get the same result
  • i used tesco and have to say 3 failed....did not even register the test strip!. You have to make sure you wee right on end and not too much goes on stick! Anyway, I had done a clearblue and was preg but few days later started to spot so I bought tesco just to check and even though faint the line did come. it got much stronger 10 mins on! Any line in the result box will mean you are preg I would think..
    congrats both of you!
    d xx
  • hi did another this morning and it was positive x
  • Congratulations louise 01!!!!!!!!
    That was exactly what happened with mine and i had a tesco test.
    Couldn't believe my eyes!!!!!!!
    How are you feeling? xxx
  • Congratulations !!
  • thanks . february baby i feel sick lol i had it all the way through with my lil boy i have the doctors at 4pm today so they make me do another just to make sure so should get results in couple days , i know its early after having my son im so shocked but happy too , xx:\)
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