breast pumps

any ladies or mums already tried or tested any or been recommended??

im not sure what i want to do yet,
but i have brought bottles and a sterilizer but am planning to try to breast feed cos i want my lo to have the goodness but on the other hand dont want oh to miss out on bonding time
any one got any suggestions?/

cheers jema x x


  • hi i have got the avent isis iq electronic breast pump (around ??80) i think its great, but i dont use the electronic bit all that much, i find it easier to do it manually. you can get the manual ones for around ??15-??20 in asda i think... which i would highly recommend as they are no different from the electronic ones and are brilliant. it feels no different from when baby is feeding, so i can express a good amount of milk using it. hope this helps you xx
  • also if you did want an electric one, boots have their own brand one reduced to ??15 at the moment. x
  • thanks ill have a look at the website x
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