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smear tests

Hi has anyone had a smear test in pregnancy and know if it is safe. It has been three years since my last one and now i am due another, had letter couple of weeks ago. Obviously i will be asking midwife when i next see her but that is not till 20th dec, i am 11+5 wks pregnant and just wondering if any one knew ?


  • Hi, I don't know for sure but I don't think they will do a smear test while you are pregnant. They will probably advise you to wait till after you have the baby. Karyn x
  • i had one with my daughter first time round, but read something since,so personally will refuse my one til after birth,i mean if they find them cells they look for what can they do while your pregnant anyway?? i shouldnt imagine they can freeze your insides still, not too sure on that though.
  • i was told to wait until after i had my baby, that they couldn't do it whilst i was pregnant. although had one when early pregnant last time - 8 years ago.
  • Hi Nat, they can do a smear while you are pregnant but i personally would prefer to wait until afterwards. I did that with my last, as long as you remember to get it done! Debs x
  • i was offered one at my 6 week postnatal check when i had my last baby.
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