Really achy legs at 8 weeks..normal??

hello all

I have really achy legs like i have been exercising or something but i havent!! Is this normal????

MrsKittyboo xx


  • Has anyone had this?
  • Hi!!! i have the same thing.. i know that doing stretches help but at night gets worst... what are you doing?
  • Hey girls, just popped over here to have a look and i think i can help. Try drinking Tonic water... i swore by it in my pregnancy as it contains quinine and can help with leg aches.cramps. Hope this helps xx
  • Im now 25wks and have been getting lots of pins and needles and cramps in my hand.

    I just remember feeling utterley exhausted at 8wks!
  • hi, i have suffered with my legs since about 8 wks too i get terrible cramps and restless legs it drives me mad, i got one of those tribod massagers it is great when my legs are really playing up in bed x

    chloe 27+6
  • Hi Dinks- I had this with my first baby and used to get it so bad my thumb would go numb and wake me up! I went to the docs and they said its carpel tunnel syndrome, which I think is when the ligaments have pressure on them in the wrist hence the cramps. Not much to be done I am afraid- sorry- I remember it being reallly annoyingxxx
  • i didnt get any leg cramps til i was bout 18 weeks im now 22 and still get thm i was just really tired and sick at 8 weeks xx
  • No leg cramps just restless legs which is horrible at night and a few random cramps in my hands.
  • I was worried that is was signs of bad circulation/blood clots - I am seeing my GP about it tomorrow to put my mind at ease. I will let you know what he says.

    Thanks, XX
  • I have had lots of leg cramps and pins and needles in my hand over the last few weeks but Im 23+2. I remember havin restless legs at 8 weeks I just couldn't get comfortable. Hope all goes well at docs if your worried its best to get checked over

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