Any one else frightened at the thought of giving birth???:?


  • me, me , me

    just posted this in the june forum.

    im due in 27 days and the thought of giving birth gives me panic attacks. i just dont want it to happen. i spoke to my doctor about this before i got preggers and she just said "oh you will be fine" but its a genuine phobia of mine and nobody seems to understand how scared i actually am.

    i cant wait to have my baby but the thought of what i have to do freaks me out.

  • i cant stand the thought of a c- section scares me so much i think i have phobia of being cut open!
    this is my 2nd preg and i gotta say im honestly not scared at all of natural labour, my first i was induced and it was long and diff, but it was such a great experience , i did end up having alot of drugs and epidural, which were great. at least there is the option of epidural as this gets rid of all the pain or most of it. remember theres no medals for bravery.
    But after my last labour i felt on top of the world and so proud of myself for doing it, cause after a long 9 months of looking at that massive bump, thinking your never get that baby out. it does happen, it just goes to show what amazing things your body can do.
    its a very special experience
  • When i found out i went from thinking theres a tiny baby in my belly how exciting to omg i have to give birth is it gonna hurt what if something goes wrong, How will i cope with a baby in my life, all sorts of questions filled me head that i didnt really think id worry about but i guess its just the thought of the reality of it. I have talked to my partner about it and he just says everything will be fine but that hasnt made all my thoughts go away. I known iv got a while to go yet but if this is what im like now what will i be like the week of the birth. So frustrating!!!
  • Well I am like you Jennie its my second and natural labour is cool as far as I am concerned, its c-sections and episotomy thingys that scare the sweet bjesus outta me! I have had neither and imagine them to be awful!
  • Frigging hell Zoey, I can imagine why you dont want a section if thats what your sub contious thinks they do LOL although it one way to lose the baby bulge, errr!
  • Would u say its better to tear or to be cut bcos i dont like the thought of either sends shivers down my spine!!
  • i tore quite bad, but it wasnt as bad as i thought , obv the first fews days after hurt quite a bit when you go for a wee. but it healed quite quick and all back to normal.
    Lets face it labour not going to be that pleasent , but its all worth it in the end.
    its the unknown thats scary!!!!
  • I have been told its better to be cut as its easier to control size and better to sticth afterwards, althoguh like you I dont want either I like my bits as they are.
  • iv spoken to loads of people and only one person has told me she didnt cut or tear, so now iv got it in my head that it is possible that it mite not happen at all hopefully lol but i feel that thats very unlikely lol
  • You heal fare quicker from a tear rather than being cut. I have had experience of both and I was far sorer and took a heck of a lot longer to heal after the episotomy than I did with tearing.
  • i say take all the drugs cause there mega! i laughed up untill i got 7cm diliated ( im one of these that will either laugh or cry) thought everything was funny love pethadine def want more of that !
    but was in delivery room for 15hrs in labour so soon got fed up !
  • Well Tilly its not something I like mentioning as I sound like I must have a bucket but my son was 9 and a half pound and I didnt tear or anything so its possible, just depends how stretchy you are get doing the perinal massage thing in preperation!
  • as long as i know its possible then ill just keep it in mind lol, what would you say the best pain relief is??
  • I used gas and air and gotta be honest I loved it, made me all sleepy and silly! but some people say it make em sick so prob trial and error, never tried pethadin though so cant comment on that one. I am investing in one of those tens things this time, my midwife swears by them.
  • i want to try water this time see if that helps
  • see my mum had pethadin but my sister had an epidural so im a bit worried about what to have cuz iv read the side effects and thats put me off the lot but i dont fancy not having any pain relief at all lol
  • Maybe you should try a water birth too like Jennie&evie? or tens, if only they made a water proof tens machine you could have both!
  • when i went down to delivery they asked what i wanted i said theres no way im having pethadine , as i heard bad things , but when your in pain you sort change your mind.
    def agree with jmp its trial and error i hated gas and air , everyone takes to things differently . just hope that you get some time to find out what suits you like i had.
  • I didnt finish with natural labour as i had a section but I did experience it up to 7cm and it frickin kills, Jennie is right there are no medals for bravery, go in there and ask for all the drugs is my only advice. I had gas and air which was brilliant! It does make you sleepy and silly which takes your mind off it but its also great pain relief (you just need to remember to BREATHE it as deep and strong as you can - don't stop in the middle of a contraction tho sometimes it is temptin cos you feel like you need to scream!). I had an epidural too which was amazing. It doesn't take away the pain 100% but it does 99% lol which is good enough. And contrary to belief you can move your legs and everything, its only with a spinal that you cant feel anything (I couldnt even feel it when i scratched!) Oh & dont feel scared about c section either - I had one and it was brilliant. I was terrified and shaking when they wheeled me down, as I thought "what if they get the anaesthetic wrong and I can feel it" but they gave me a spinal and I didn't feel a thing except the pulling which doesn't hurt just feels weird. Also...I found the beginning of labour harder than at 7cm as you get further dilated it feels like pressure rather than pain. Sorry to rant - just dont be scared, go in there with an open mind and DEFINITELY leave all dignity behind as you'll lose it all anyway!
  • labour scared the pants off me when i was preg with my lo - not looking forward to doing it again!
    having said that i had a good labour in the end, only 7 hours from my waters going, and got by on gas and air.
    my tip would be to make yourself look good. day before my due date i got a pedicure and manicure, and just before i went to hospital when i started feeling contractions my oh washed and straightened my hair for me. god i sound vain, but it just helps if you feel human, and you look ok in the photos!
    good luck chucks
    suie xxx
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