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Hi Ladies
just a quick question my wife is due to get her hair coloured and tints, this will be the first time since she has discovered she is expecting. Can she still get her hair coloured or will it do something.



  • I read somewhere that ordinary hair colouring and low lights are not harmful - I hope not anyway because I've had mine done and am due to have it done again! (I went grey in my early twenties and the thought of having to reveal my true colours now I'm in my thirties is a bit too much!). Of course if I knew it were a risk then I would happily sacrifice my vanity but I've definately read in more than one book that it's okay. (Not sure about peroxide type dyes though and I think I've read that you shouldn't have henna dyes).
  • Hi, while pregnant you can have your hair coloured. The main concern is that some women can become allergic to ingredients while they are pregnant or the colour may not come out the correct shade. As long as a skin test and a strand test have been carried out with no problems then its fine to carry on.
  • Yup, damage to baby through dyes completlely unproven I didn't stopped dying my hair - I just made sure it was in an extra airy room (i.e window wide open) so I wasn't breathing in the fumes.
  • Hi i am a qualified hairdresser and there is no proven facts to support hair dye effecting pregnant women, although i wouldnt recomend bleach as it actually enters the hair follical rather than just the hair.

    Also the hair is alot different while you are pregnant so like some of the other ladies have said it may not turn out exactly as expected but your wifes hairdresser can help with this
  • doesnt harm baby but when i dyed my blonde, i got blue streaks, hairdresser said was due to the hormoans, i looked aclip lol but this did only happen one x


  • Hi my job is a colour specialist and whilst i have never advised a client not to have her hair coloured whilst pregnant i would allways say now it is individual choice . nothing has been proveneither way about harming an unborn baby so they say avoid it in the first 12 weeks. if you google it this is what they advice . In 16 years i have never knowna colour having an adverse reaction this is more common in perming. And alergic reaction to colour is sometyhing that can happen at any time not just when pregnant, which is why in my salon if a client has not had colour at my alon in last 12 weeks i automatically skin test them before a treatment. I had my hair coloured but would say it is down to individual choice.
  • Yes you can dye your hair when pregnant. I done it a few times. Although I got it dyed one Saturday morning and I was in Labour that evening 5 1/2 weeks early lol. That was just a coincidence because I put my car through MOT that day as well. I must have been sub consciously getting ready for Kara's arrival lol.
  • what do you mean it wont take zoey it shouldnt make any difference, what you using babe same as you normally use or are you trying something different xx
  • I read that they don't recommend it in the first tri-mester
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