newbie with a question!

Hiya I am Lindsey and I am 12 weeks pregnant. My boobs were very painful when I found out I was expecting but it had eased off a few weeks ago, now I am in agony! Is this normal and what can ease the pain??

Thanks for any relies :\)


  • Hiya lindsey, sore boobs are very normall! im 17+2 and my boobs are constantly sore, if im in the house i have to take my bra off as they hurt against that! The joys of pregnancy huh?! Its nothing to worry about tho hunni xx
  • thanks for your reply Mikayla!

    I think I worry about every little pain I get lol
  • Hi Lindsey! My boobs were very tender in first 4 months, but they're not too bad now (I'm 37 weeks). Hopefully yours will feel better soon. Congrats on reaching 12 weeks also. Love Rachel XXX
  • Lol lindsay, you deffinately aint on your own there! Pregnancy must be the most worrying time in a womans life! x
  • Lol thats so true we worry about everything. I am so glad I am at 12 weeks now though at least thats a bit less to worry about...
  • I had to stop wearing a bra for a while, it was just so uncomfortable! I am 18 + 1 now and it's much better! I have some with no wire in and it's heaven!
  • i take my bra off in the house and its great, am off for a lie down now, thanks for replying all of you! Goodnight x

    Hope to chat again soon
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