Am i pregnant?

Hi girls,
i was pretty sure i was pregnant, iam over a week late and iam never late! I have got a constant ache in my tummy it started yesterday, it was there most of the day and its still there now, its not painful but i know its there!
I bought a test, and i waited a minute or 2 and it said negative, but later on i looked again and it said positive! I know your not meant to take it as a accurate reading when its been left but i was thinking maybe i didnt wait long enough the first time, so this made me do a few more and they all say negative!!!
As iam already a mum of a very active toddler and iam usually very tired, i would know exactly when we could have conceived, and it would have been the last week in feb just before i was due on, so would this mean a positive wouldnt come up on a test this early?
I didnt think we wanted another one just yet but now this has happened, we are hoping so much that i am, and the more the tests come up negative the more fed up i feel that i am not!
What do you think?
Em xx


  • hi i have heard of ladies on here whos + didnt appear even though they tested when period was due. id wait another few days and try again. good luck x
  • I'd wait a couple of days too and do another test.
  • id wait a couple of days and try with a clear blue digital cos that will tell u straight i swear by them cos i h8 the stairing at the normal 1ns just incase there is a slight line with the digital 1ns it tells u yes or no but get a twin pac as u cud test again in a weeks if it comes bac negative xxx
  • I would wait a bit and test again, Remember to use your first wee of the day though (even though most brands tell you not to bother) as there will be more HCG in that wee (so more likely to give an accurate result).

    Hope you get the result you want!

  • Thanks for your replies, thnk iam gonna wait till later in the week to do another test, if i can wait that long!! still feelin the same and showing no signs of my monthly and iam coming up for 2 weeks late. My oh is gettin more excited each day but i keep trying to tell him iam not so he wont be disappointed if thats how it turns out!
    Will let you know what happens!
  • SHE ARRIVED! we were gutted, i was so sure i was pregnant! iam never late and it was almost 2 weeks late, i just felt really different, and i still do now!
    a good thing tho, it has made us realise how much we want another baby.
  • thats a shame but like you said at least you know now how much you wnat to be preggers again
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