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Im just over five weeks pregnant and suffering with a cold and sore throat, so put vicks vapour rub on my chest tot try and get rid of it but someone told me you shouldnt do that whilst pregnant and now im really worried does anyone know if thats true or if Vicks is fine to use during pregnancy?

Rach xx


  • double post sorry

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  • I'm 37 weeks and when I was in the early stages of pregnancy I had a cold I asked the doctor if i was alowed lockets and she said no but you can use Vicks as its not going into your blood supply

    hope that helps

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  • I've used it but to be honest it didn't even occur to me that it would be a problem!
    Fascinated to find out though!
  • Sorry to hear you are unwell - I know the feeling as I am now on antibiotics for a chest infection having been ill for 2 and half weeks now! I am 27+2 and have been using vicks without any problems; I think I have heard that you shouldnt use obas oil but Im not sure if thats true or why.

  • it should say on the jar take a look. cant see it will hurt though xx jodie 38 +2
  • thanks for your replies ladies feel better about it now, had a look on the instructions but it just said to speak to the pharmacist or Doctor.

  • hi i asked my midwife about vicks and she said it's fine to use
  • vicks is fine to use, as are lockets, halls, and soothers.
    you can also take boots cold and flu remedy (like lemsip) as the only things it contains are paracetamol and vitamin c!
  • i used lockets and vicks when i had man flu..... i needed it! i was after all "dying"!!!!

    i think its ok as long as you are not having 20 packs of lockets a day for 9 months and smothering yourself from head to toe in vicks every night i'm sure whilst you get over the illness you will be ok....

    apparently lemsip is to be avoided though - all the extra drugs in there are not good....

    hope you feel better....!

    ps natural to worry - i have been about everything.... you listen to sooo much..... I've been worried cos the toilets at work have air freshner on a timer and it keeps going off when i'm in there (apparently thats bad!) and then i was inadvertently eating crunchy nut cornflakes without realising they had peanuts in and finally hubbie bought a shower gel with essential oils in and a "well meaning" friend told me i ought to get every product like that checked out with the midwife.............. i freaked out for a while on most of those things..... so i went to my midwife freaking out about everything with really high blood pressure.... and she said to calm down and that there are certain things to avoid but a little bit of something wont harm bambino but stressing out could!! so i then decided the little one is kicking away and seems quite happy in there...... maybe i should just use my own instincts as well as following professional advice and avoiding scaremongeres!... i'm now trying to adopt a "dont freak out about everything" approach... as i dont want high blood pressure....!!
  • I am 15 weeks tomorrow and gave in and used vicks on saturday as i have my 2nd bad chest infection in 4 weeks!!! got sick of f***ing honey and lemon!!!!!!

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