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I had been thinking about getting a book on babies this is our 1st and starting to realise just how clueless we are!! I wanting something that would give me a rough guise to babys development, such as teething, supporting own head, meals etc . I thought if I got one now I could read it while pregnant and use it as a referance when i've had the baby. So if anyone could let me know if they have read or use any good books
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  • hia shug,i just buy the baby mags for info like that,i find them great!I can reccomend a book that i found very helpful when i had my daughter and it was "the contented baby"book by gina ford.Its got info on sleep training,weaning,routines etc.Everyones different and some may not like it but i found it a great help and even bought her contented toddler book and how to potty train in a week that are by her as my daughter got older.I'll be having a read soon for the new baby!!hope i've helped xx
  • Hiya,
    I asked this question a while ago in the baby forum and the main recommendations were, what to expect in the first year and the baby whisperer. Haven't bought either yet but i've got the pregnancy version of what to expect and i've found it really useful cos it's all broken down into sections.
  • hi again,the baby whisperer is gina ford!
  • sorry got that wrong!secrets of the baby whisperer is by tracy hogg and the contented little baby book is by gina ford.I had both of these books and chose things from each that i found helpful.Just looked on ebay n there r quite a few of these books for sale if u wanna grab a bargain! xx
  • Thanks alot for your help I'm gonna have a look at the books when I go shopping and then get one of amazon or ebay. Then hopefully I feel a little more organised and prepared!! xxx
  • Best book I had for Millie was 'What to expect, the first year' Asda and Tesco both sell it pretty cheaply. It was so useful that when she turned one I bought 'what to expect, the toddler years' as well. Both books have rough guides to development to give you a rough idea of what to expect when and seem to contain the answers to every question you might ever have. I haven't found anything yet that isn't in them!
  • if you are looking for a freebie then n the tommys website you can get free pregnancy textbook must admitt i havent reallly read in detail but more of glanced at it ,it but worth a look anyway and its free!!! plus they have leaflets on all sort of pregnancy problems free to like pre-eclamsia and on till bf to x
    plus if any ttc peeps on here they do a pre pregnancy one to !!
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