Different 2nd time around???

Hi Everyone,

Just joined up - hope you all well!!!

I'm 12 weeks with my second and am getting quite big already! Outgrown my clothes and in maternity stuff now. Finding things pretty tough going so far - lots of aches and pains, indigestion and trouble sleeping that I don't remember having in first pregnancy until much later on (although my first is nearly 5 so memories not that clear!).

Is anyone noticing the same second time round?

Small mercy is that morning sickness much better this time and I'm sure that I am feeling some fluttery movements already!!!



  • hi i am 15 weeks with second and my first is 3yrs. i am def much bigger this time, was in maternity jeans from 12 weeks, whereas with my first i wasnt bigger til 6 or 7 months!! i have been feeling movements since 12 weeks too which is strange but nice.this time i had loads of sickness (gone now tho thankfully) but was only sck twice with my first. and am much more tired and finding it a struggle some days, but i just put that down to having a 3 year old to look after too! guess every pregnancy is just different x
  • Haven't even thought as far ahead as the labour - eek!!! Somebody tell me it's easier second time round!
  • im the same, hadnt thought ahead to the second labour yet!! ive heard its shorter/easier second time around as your body has done it before, but im not speaking from exerience so who knows!i think babies are generally bigger in later pregnancies, but again who knows if this is actually true!
  • I've heard similar theories - 2nd babies less likely to go overdue, labour is easier and they are bigger etc...no idea if it's true? Had caesarian first time so don't know if the labour being easier & quicker thing will apply..? Hoping to do things properly this time so fingers crossed that is the case!
  • I agree, I've found things completely different this time round compared to what I felt like with my daughter, despite this one also being a girl.

    I had no sicknes at all 1st time round & I've been sick the full 9 months with this one. I also noticed my bump alot sooner (around 12 weeks) so had wear maternity clothes alot sooner too. Last time I didnt need them until I reached 7 months!!

    With my 1st daughter I felt my 1st fluttering movement around 17/18 weeks whereas with this one I felt it around the 13 week mark.

    I went 4 days overdue with my 1st & sorry to disappoint but I'm now 4 days overdue with this one so it looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer on no.2 (I always thought the 2nd came a bit sooner too!!)

    As for size though if the estimations of the last scan is anything to go by this one seems a similar size, though if it goes much longer overdue it will be bigger!!

    Hilary x
  • Thanks Hilary - disappointed that even seconds can go late!!! Hope you not too uncomfortable - I was 9 days late wit first, tried everything to get labour started as was just so uncomfy and fed up! I really hope that your new baby girl arrives soon!!!

    My morning sickness much better this time - was evil first time, non-stop all day till about 16 weeks. This time, lil nausea and gone by week 10. Feel much achier and uncomfy so far though - bump already aches when i walk about and getting backache. Feel like I'm being a baby about it as is so early on still but am finding it hard work!

    Is there anything else i should prepare myself for this time round!?!

    Claudia xxx
  • I think youve probably already found out that you feel a bit achier due to all the ligaments being stretched before but other than that I would say dont do what I did & get your hopes up that no.2 comes earlier, I think that just makes you feel worse if it doesnt & then if it does all the better

    Good luck
    Hilary x
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