pelvic pain - advice pls!!

morning lovelies
for the past couple of weeks, the front of my pelvis (pubic bone) has felt sore and i have been feeling bruised between the legs. been ok with it, just bit uncomfy and the midwife said when i went on thurs that lo is well engaged and due to pressure...however, over the last few days, it has got so painful that i can barely walk. if i move my legs (like walking, lifting legs into bed/onto sofa, bending down, going to sit down etc) the pain is almost unbearable, to the point where i am in tears as it feels like my pelvis is splitting open...
my mum reckons i should call mw (she is on duty tomorrow) as she has never heard of so much pain...i am terrified that if i complain, they will tell me that i should just have elective section asap (i am 38 + 3) as its so late on anyway and i am vbac so they won't do any kind of induction.
I am desparate not to have section if poss, really want to just let nature take its course but i don't know if i can physically manage this pain for the next 2 weeks (plus maybe 10 days if go overdue).

anyone else going through this? not had any pain or problems up till it just pressure of baby? anyone got any ideas how i can manage the pain for the next couple of weeks? tried paracetamol, didnt work image please ladies, tell me what you i being a baby or should i chat to mw????

thanks in advance
Claudia 38+3


  • it sounds like spd

    iv got it too only thankfully its pretty mild compared to wot it can get too.

    its where ur ligaments behind ur pubic bone loosen a bit too much and it can get V. painful.

    mines worse getting in/out of bed and bath, up and down stairs and pushing the buggy.

    keep ur knees together as much as possible otherwise theres not really much u can do as u r close to ur due date by time uv been recomended for pysio and seen sum1 baby will be here!! Mention it to ur MW she might have some tips for u.

    Elaine 39 wks xx
  • Hi Claudia

    I too have this i have been told i have SPD but have had it for a while.

    The past few days though its got worse where like you it is hard to lift my legs to walk, climb stairs etc.

    I'm unsure what to do aswell as hopefullynot long left - might ring my physio and see what she says.


  • Hi sorry you are suffering, I am going thru exactly the same pain....I went to hospital on Monday as I was in agony, I had piles hanging (sorry if TMI) and had this burning, excrutiating pain in my groin which had stopped me walking.
    Midwife felt my belly and said baby was laying back to back and that what was causing my piles and she thought I had pulled a muscle in my groin so couldn't do anything for either problem. I came home and had a hot bath which eased off the pain but as I got out of the bath I slipped and fell and was screaming in agony. I've just sat on the sofa for 2 days now resting and pain is easing off. Baby has also moved as no more piles and can fell baby in normal position again.

    Please ring your midwife hun as even though mine couldn't really help with the pain, baby was monitored and was fine so it took a bit of worry away from me and its now in my notes that I have problems down there when my lazy baby does finally decide to appear.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    5 Days overdue!!!
  • Ive got SPD too and it seems to b e getting worse. Im only 28+2 but started getting symptoms aroun 16 weeks and was diagnosed at 24 weeks. Start reflexology on the 16th as im not allowed a support belt due to unexplained bleeding.

    My midwife says as much as it hurts if you can bear the pain it can infact make delivery easier (although im not quite sure i believe her lol)

  • thanks for the replies ladies...
    i did wonder if i had the SPD thingy but i figured that it would have happened earlier on, been absolutely fine till about 3 days ago!!! def sounds like what some of you poor ladies have been going through, thanks for your tips and advice.

    Katiemac - can't believe that your lo is still hanging on!!! poor thing, how are you feeling now?

    Elaine - thanks for finding that other thread for me, appreciate that x

    Melissa87 - my mw said that it was really good news that i felt sore down below when i saw her last week, reckoned things getting ready...not sure its such good news now!!!

    the thing that is really worrying me is that i will have to just give in and have a caesarean - consultant been pressuring me to book one instead of trying to do things naturally this time. will this give them more of a reason to push me into a section? really don't want one! if i complain about this pain, will they even bother to help me as i am so close anyway? sorry so many questions!!! am just terrified of having to just give up and have section (esp as my hubby is at work now till my due date and has refused to try and get time off if i do go into labour/have a section early) i don't want to be on my own during this and on my own in hosp after (if have op) with no hubby to help me....
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