stitch type pain

Just today i have this awful stitch type pain in my lower stomach. it started on the left thismorning but is now both sides and bump has gone solid.
Its difficult to straighten up when standing.
anybody else getting this?
she is kicking away quite happily occasionally so not too worried but am in pain...

views appreciated.

31+1. xx


  • Could be a nerve but could also be ligaments stretching and baby pressing against them - I've had this for months now (4th pg so everything's already stretched) and it is soooo painful - especially when walking, turning over in bed, sitting up etc!
  • hi,

    im only 12 weeks but had a stich type pain in my side on sat that got worse sunday (to the point were i couldnt get up off the sofa) and ended up at A&E have got a bad water infection but didnt really have any other symptoms exept needing a wee more often which i had put down to a pregnancy thing. so may be worth asking your doc to check and make sure youve not got one

    emma xx

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