strange tummy sensations


having a wierd tummy day and hoping other people have the same or i'll think i'm going mad.

Had some pains really low in my tummy this morning - more like painful sensations really but they didn't last long so i fugure just some stretching going on.

Now i feel all sort of wierd sensations in my tummy - it's hard to explain, the best way to describe it is like someone is blowing bubbles in there!!!! I'm only 11 1/2 weeks so clearly its too early to feel anything.

It's a bit wierd though and freaking me out. As some of you know i've had two m/c this year so i am a bit hypersensitive to everything.

Anyone else having wierd tummy sensations?


  • the 'bubble' sensation is probably ur lo movin around, thats wot it felt like when i first felt him move, really really strange at first but u will get used to it.
  • thanks Becki - i didn't think it was possible to feel that at 11 weeks?
  • Yes today i am. I woke up through the night with cramps very low down in my tummy - maybe just baby wriggling about but not sure though. The pains woke me up so i hope everythings okay. I had tummy cramps (like period pains) from before i found out i was pg and right up til about 16 weeks which i was told is normal as its just your body stretching to accommodate baby.

    Im nearly 22 weeks and havent had the cramps for a while now. Im off work with cold and it hurts really low down in my tum when i cough.

    Theres always something toworry about isnt there??


  • hi gr2007, with it not being ur first pregnancy its not unusual to feel baby earlier. the bubble feeling is how most people describe their first movements as feeling. sounds like ur a lucky one who is feeling ur baby early, my friend felt her second baby at 12 weeks
  • indeed there is! i dont think there'll be any less to worry about after the baby's born either! what on earth are we dong?!?!?!?!? lol!
  • ooh, thanks hollylizzy that's cheered me up no end. it really really didn't occur to me that i could actually be feeling the baby!!!!!

    i wont get any work done this afternoon now!!!
  • hi i started feeling movemetnts at 12 weeks this time, but because it is my second i think it was cause i knew what to feel midwife also told me that if you are quite slim you can feel them earlier.
  • I am 11 1/2 wks gone too and today had exactely the same feelings you did! I actually thought it was trapped wind gone wind - its amazing to read that I could actually be feeling lo. Its my 3rd but dont remember these feelings - only being kicked and baby having hiccups! I didnt expect to feel lo for at least another 4 - 6 wks!!! Thanks ladies - cheered me up no end. Getting signals from inside - brill xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • as has been said, it is possible to feel it but it doesnt really feel like movements, will feel like bubbles or wind lol. Its not that commen to feel it that early in first pregnancies but second or third apparently u can feel from about 10 weeks if u know wot ur waitin for.
  • am definitely getting some bubble action and wierd wind like sensations although pains from this morning have now come back - pretty sure they're stretching pains. They're not too painful, and they kinda 'pulse' if you know what i mean??

    this is my first, so wasn't expecting to feel anything for weeks but it's the best explanation for this rather strange sensation in my tummy!
  • funny sensations carried on late until last night but nothing today. i also noticed that last night i was full of beans instead of my usual half asleep by 9pm so maybe i'm coming towards the end of my super-tiredness. I do hope so - i've got too much to do this month!!

    This pregnancy malarky is full of strange things - I cant wait to get my scan out of the way at 13 weeks (one 1/2 weeks to go).
  • Hiya
    Just thought I'd say that I have started feeling some movements in there already - I'm 12 wks with second. Kept reading that even with second you won't feel anything till later but definitely felt some poking sensations and some fluttering. Sounds like thats what you felt too! It's amazing isn't it?!?!
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