Kelly Clarkson

She was on American Idol last night and looked blooming! She stood sideways on and either has put a lot of weight on in her uterus or is pregnant. Did anyone else see this? I need my bump spotters to back me up!!


  • I didn't see her last night but I saw her last week on something.
    Tbh I didn't notice a bump though I just thought she'd put on a bit of weight because her face looked a bit fuller!
    I'm not a qualified bump spotter though so I may have missed it!
  • I read an interview with her recently and she had gone froma size 8 to a size 16 now she is a size 14, I think her weight is just yo-yoing although she looks amazing now.
  • Hey Rosapenny, I am missing you on TTC!

    I think she is amazing and so gorgeous, I like that she is a 'norrmal' size and does't make me feel bad about myself everytime I see her on TV! OH actually commented when she came on American Idol how gorgeous she is looking at the moment, think he may have been trying to butter me up after his declaration of love for skinny malinky Megan Fox yesterday!
  • Hey Miss Impatient, Im missing you as well, I cant wait until you are over here full time xxxx

    I know doesnt she look so healthy and normal!!! It makes such a change to see a celebrity that isnt stick thin!!
  • I want to come back but AF has different plans, she got me today so I am hoping for a Christmas Pudding! I pop on every now and then to see how everyone is getting on but it upsets me seeing people who were due around the same time as me who are 14 weeks now! It's funny, one day I will think I am doing fine and then another I will feel like I have been ripped in half, unfortunately today is not one of the good days. OH was in the bath earlier and I went up to chat to him, I ended up washing his hair for him while we both sobbed! Luckily these days are outnumbered by the others!

    Sorry that turned into a vent, it wasn't meant to be, I hope you and bean are doing well, I will keep popping over for a nosy and hopefully I will be back in 4 weeks!
  • Oh hun im really sorry, dont worry I know when the time is right it will be perfect and with any luck it will be in the bext 4 weeks. Just remember it will happen for you xxxxx
  • Well it happened in month 2 last time so I am hoping for the same this time! How far gone are you now??
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