Just been on Next on line and am really chuffed with the maternity stuff...the regular clothes are real good especially as I am 5 2 and need short length. Their offer pages are well worth a look too, there are maternity jeans in various styles and sizes for anything from a tenner!! Just thought would pass this on as if anyone is like me I'm on a budget but swiftly running out of clothes that fit especially for work!



  • iv ordered the jeans for a tenner and they arrived this mrnin,really comfy and smart looking too xxx
  • thank got they do midget clothes im 5 ft nout and all my maternity clothes hang off my feet it drives me absolutly nuts im going to next now lol xx
  • i lived in my next jeans, black yoga type trousers and combats throughout my pregnancy well worth the money and lasted well too xx
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