Midwife appointment,re baby's heartbeat.

Had my weekly midwife apointment this morning and baby's heartbeat was around 120bpm,in the past it has been between 150-170 bpm,is this normal? I didn't ask the midwife as it wasnt until i looked at my notes that i realised!

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  • hi hun they say anything between 110-180 bpm is "normal" so im sure baby was just sleeping however if u are worried give her a ring to ask im sure she wont mind xxxxx
  • Hey hun, babys heartrate should fluctuate, so yes this is totally normal! Its the same as us, if we're active our heartrate increases, if we're resting it slows. So its more than likely that bubs was just having a nice quiet nap! But give your midwife a call if you are worried, its what she's there for after all! My baby's heartrate goes between 120 and 160 bpm usually if this is any help xxx
  • Thanks for putting my mind at rest!! x
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