Help please if you can

Hi all
I'm unsure what is going on having lots of
bh and feeling presure down below when I went
to the toilet sorry if tmi but it felt like there
was something bulging out what could it be
kirsty 39+2

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  • I'd phone your mw hun - If there's the slightest possibility that the umbillical cord could be coming out you need to get that checked asap.

    Good luck - Let us know how you get on.

  • I've no idea really hun but could it possible be the pressure from baby and your waters?
    I agree with poppygirl though, best to give your mw/hospital a ring just for a little reassurance xx
  • your waters? sometimes they can bulge out!

    I'd defo phone midwife, Good Luck!

  • could be ur waters, mine were 'bulging' right before they went...give ur mw/maternity unit a call to see what they reckon xx
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