Back from 12 week scan but still worried...

I had the 12 week scan yesterday and although they said everything was normal, there were two women doing it and they both kept looking at the screen really closely and not saying anything.
The one doing the scan was training and although she seemed quite good, the other woman kept saying oh, move it this way, move it that way....
Then they showed me the baby. 'She' (we don't know yet) had her legs crossed and then did a big yawn and stretch and was waving, We saw the heart beat too. She then moved the screen back and moved the scanner further up my abdomen where she stayed for ages. The other woman then said, in a whispered voice, 'make sure you take a picture of that bit there' and pointed to something on the screen. Then I was sent away.
They put me forward 3 days to 13 weeks today.
Nothing was said and they told me i would have a letter for the next scan at 19-20 weeks. Then i had my bloods done.
Looking at the pics now, compared to everyone elses scan pics on here, the 'sac' which is the black bit is not round. Imagine a circle but then the bottom right bit indents in a bit so the baby's head looks like it is squashed in and then there is loads of black free space around its body. The head is on the right, body to the left, sideways on.
There seems to be a black bit at the base of the neck too.
Is this what they would have been looking at?
Would they have told me if anything was wrong or wait until the next scan?
I am paranoid and honestly thought I would feel great after this scan but am even more worried.
What does everyone think?


  • Hey hun,

    You have nothing to worry about, they will have said "take a pic of that bit" meaning the back of the neck to check the size of the pad. And it would have taken longer as there was a trainee there and they need to be trained suficiently plus they check your ovaries for cysts. I was in my 12 week scan for nearly 20 cos baby wouldn't keep still long enough to have photos taken.

    If there was anything to worry about the sonographer (sp) will have told you there and then. Try and relax and enjoy your baby growing inside you, if you get nervous again in your second scan speak up and ask what is going on. In my scan I asked everytime she did anything as I am a worrier and like to know what is going on lol

    I hope this eases your mind

  • Basically, everyone is different, and all babies develop in different ways and at different rates. Not all children grow the not all foetuses do either lol. If they didn't say anything is wrong, then I doubt it is. If it was then they would have got a doctor in to talk to you.

    My scan pic is dead weird compared to everyone else's. The one on here is OK, but the others are blurry, and my baby looks like he has a flat face. I freaked at first coz he didn't have much of a 'nose profile' and I'd heard that can be a sign of Down's, then I realised it was cos he was moving around so much in the scan that it just blurred up his face.

    The scan sheet tells you everything is fine, or 'No abnormalities seen', as they say! Philippa, 24+ 2 x x x
  • I scanned my 12 week pics on to my comp and enlarged them so I could have a closer look and bubby look like he/she has a massive nose and an underbite lol but that is only cos they are moving around so much and the pics get blurred lol it does look quite funny though. xx
  • Hiya,
    I agree with Caz, they would have told you if there was anything to worry about. Plus, you would have had to go back for another scan before the 19/20 week second scan. So I'd be rest assured everything is fine. The trainee was probably slow and they always have to have an experienced person with them.
    If you are still worried, then I think you should go to your GP and have a chat with them, they will be able to reassure you. Don't sit and stress as it won't make you feel any better. Your GP will be able to find out any info to put your mind at rest!
    Good luck!
  • hi i really dont think you have anything to worry about, by agreeing to have the scan you are agreeing for them to tell you anything they find that might be wrong, and i am sure thy would tel you straight away altho i do understand why you feel this way and i would prob be the same.. they may have said 'take a pic of that bit', to take a pic of the placenta for example, i have pics of my babys brain on my file and they mean nothing to me, (as in what they are looking at and what the differetn parts are), but obviously htey just have to show they have seen particular bits and prove they are normal for on your records and becasue so many different staff will see you over your pregnancy.

    if it is really stressing you out then phone your midwife and ask her to explain what they would have been looking at, you will not be the only one who has been worried about this.

    obviously becasue one of them was training it may have been a bit differnt from normal, and may have taken longer (i had someone training in my first labour, thats much worse!!)

    please dont worry, but ask midwofe if you are still concerned x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

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