when do they give you a c section??

I am measuring 5 weeks ahead and they thought maybe i had gestational diabetes but this came back clear, then they thought i had too much amniotic fluid but that came back fine.
The sonographer said i have a big baby, im 29weeks and she is already weighing 4lbs!!!

has anyone had a similar problem? If so will i get monitored to check babies growth and is there a point where they say your babies weight is too big to push you will need a c section?

im worried that i will have a huge baby and i dont know what to expect i have another 11weeks of growth to go yet shes gonna be a big girl, unless some of you can tell me otherwise....please haha


  • I really wud try not 2 worry, ur baby might be slightly big now but that doesnt mean it is going to keep growing at that rate. Women have given birth to 12-13lb babies so i doubt they wud suggest a c-section unless u have a small pelvis and they thought it was in urs and babys best interest. Jus try and remember that the weights that they estimate, are only "estimates". Sorry not much help i just hate it wen the hospitals scare women with these predicted weight. Sure everything will be fine. Kerry xxx

  • She might not end up being big at term as babies grow at different rates! My baby is estimated to be 8lbs 8oz at 40 weeks but I'm taking this with a pinch of salt tbh, he might be a lot bigger/smaller. As I haven't even been scanned, this is just based on my fundal height.

    You should get monitored to check your baby's growth and if she is growing much too fast they might suggest inducing you early at 38 weeks rather than a c-section.

    But I wouldn't panic yet lol, even if you do end up needing one, elective sections are supposed to be fantastic to recover from xxxxx


  • Hi I am glad you posted this as I am only 25 weeks yet my 20 weeks scan showed big baby but dates were 100% and all the way through I have been measuring 4 weeks bigger. This is my third and my 2 girls were always spot on with their measurements so the midwive has already shown some concern due to size.

    As Kerry said it doesnt mean the little chunkies will carry on grwoing at this rate they could slow down on growth every baby is different. My midwive did explain to me that just because baby is big it doesnt always mean elective c-section they would prefer to go down the route of monitering the size and inducing early if baby is getting too big.]

    The problem I have is that my girls were only 6lb12 and 7lb(4 weeks early) they only had little heads but they both got stuck and both times was close to a c-section and ended up with ventouse deliveries. With this one he has a big head so midwive has advised me that if he does continue at this growth rate she will be happy for me to have a c-section.

    To be honest as its my third and last I am happy to go down this route as I would much prefer an elective rather than an emergancy which woule probably happen.

    Anyway after the ramble its best to see how it goes for now as for both of us is still very early. My midwive also thinks that I had my youngest 4 weeks early as she was getting big too and your body wont carry a baby that is too big for you if that makes sense.




  • I don't know if they will give you a section just coz of that. I think there would have to be some kind of medical problem as has been said for you and the baby.
  • I think if your pelvis is too small to deliver a baby than that is a medical reason? But no just because baby is big it doesnt mean a c-section.

    I am sure your midwive will say what she thinks.



  • Hi Gempot
    I had an elective section with my son at 37 weeks as he was large, I also was tested for diabetes, but it came back negative.
    I also had regular growth scans to monitor progress of the baby
    My son was 10lb 6oz when delivered, i was offered several options by my consultant at 36 weeks when he was already over 10lbs estimate
    1. carry on and see what happens
    2. early inducement of labour
    3 elective section
    i was also told that being the size he was there was a risk of trauma and he might have to have his arm dislocated to get out vaginally, that made up my mind PDQ i can tell you!
    I am quite large at 5ft10, Hubbie is 6ft 3 (however father in law is 6ft 7 and by all accounts was a monster baby)
    I am now pregnant with second. I would opt for the same again if in similar circumstances.
    it was a very positive experience, i was not tired from labouring for days and then was able to recover from the surgery well and look after my newborn as well.
    I think the most important thing is keep in regular contact with the midwife and doctor so they are able to monitor how things go.
    good luck
  • thanks lainer,
    if my pelvis can handle a big one shall i opt for natural birth? im just worried the c section will stop me doing so much with the baby cos i will be out of action for a while.
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