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Light headed!!

Hi everyone hope your all feeling well and nearly ready for christmas!! Just wondering if any one suffers from light headedness and dizzy spells, i am 16+2 wks and this has happened twice now, once in tesco a couple of weeks ago where i went all light headed, buzzing in ears and broke out in a sweat the checkout lady had to help me to a seat just before my legs went, and a similar thing in debenhams today. As soon as i sit down and have a drink i am fine, it always happens at the checkout which is rather embarrasing!!
Anyway i have my booking in on wednesday and will mention this to the midwife, i think it will be something to do with blood pressure, Oh well just seeing if anyone else has this, take care nat xx


  • Hiya

    Exactly the same thing happened to me once! I was about 18 weeks I think, walking around tesco doing the shopping then the minute I got to the checkout I went all fuzzy, and had to ask if there was somewhere I could sit down as I felt faint! As soon as I sat down and had a drink I was fine, it's just one of those things, where your blood etc has more places to travel to now.
    I always knew I'd had have dizzy spells during pregnancy as I've had problems with fainting throughout my life (and have been tested for numerous things but I'm fine!), it's nothing to worry about. If you're susceptable to it there's nothing you can do!
    Hope you're well apart from that x
  • Hi Nat, just to let you know I had dizzy spells when I was about 16-20 weeks pregnant, when I saw my midwife I had low blood pressure. So get it checked out but it is nothing to worry about if it is low blood pressure as mine went back to normal in a couple of weeks. Karyn xx
  • I'm 37 weeks and have had low blood pressure all the way through my pregnancy so far. I also feel faint and sometimes get little white stars in my eyes. I've seen my midwife and she also said that it was just due to my blood pressure, try not to worry too much, I'm sure you will be fine. xx
  • Hi I've had the same thing in M&S at the checkout and once I was given a drink I was okay. My midwife has checked my blood pressure and it's all fine she just said there is a bigger demand on my blood supply right now! Do as maryjane said keep something sweet in your bag, I have a twix and some fruit pastilles.
  • Hi
    I am the same i get very hot and feel faint. I have fainted once during the pregnancy which has left me feeling very nervous about going out incase it happens again as it was so scary. I always carry a drink with me and some sweets and try not to do too much.
  • HI, i was the same from quite early on, weirdly it would happen on the crowded tube in the morning, i'd have to get off after one stop and then wait a few minutes before trying again. I found if i had a drink before leaving for work and carried a bottle of water around with me, i could usually stop it before i fainted. might be something to do with your blood pressure as Toby2000 says, check it out with GP/midwife if you are worried.
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