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Not really pleased with my MW and i moved house so i am changing doctors but just wondered i had an appointment with her yesterday and now i do not see her until 24 weeks she hasnt spoken to me about antenatal classes should she off yesterday?


Sam 18+5


  • i think its a bit early for her to mention ante natal classes as you dont tend to start them till you are about 34 weeks ish. i would ask at your next appt, there is plenty time left before you need to be thinking about them. i haven`t had any mention of them yet either, but this is my 2nd baby so dont know if its different.

    Nina 24+3 xx
  • Ok thanks i just read it in magazines that your MW should talk to you around this time about them maybe it was wrong i knew you lovely ladies would know! x
  • i think its a bit early to be mentioning the antenatal classes seeing as you will see her at 24 weeks, my midwife berifely mentioned them at my 25 wk apt and im going to start them on jan 21st when ill be just over 28 weeks and its an 8 week course. xxx
  • Hi, my MW asked me if I'd booked parentcraft classes at the hospital at my 24 week appointment as they get booked up early but that was it, maybe its not that busy in your area so there is no rush, but might be worth double checking as you don't want to leave it then find they are all booked up!

  • When I saw my midwife she didnt mention ante natal and basically told me that my next appointment would be at the hospital where I would have a scan and then I wouldnt see her until I was 24 weeks which is when she gives me the form for my employer. She told me it was my responsibility to book that appt in with her. She said at that stage I could attend a birthing talk she gives to voice any concerns which used to be two sessions but has now been condenced into one due to cut backs - nice

    I too was concerned as to when ante natal classes in my area start and I e-mailed a request to my local ante natal team and they told me that they wouldnt start from me until mid may but they book up really quickly. Mid May I will be 26/27 weeks.

    Hope this helps


  • Thanks everyone x
  • My MW gave me a phone number to ring (to book the classes) when I was 8 weeks, but she told me to wait until I had my 12 week scan before I rang it.

    She did say to call as soon as I had had my scan though - because she said they fill up fast. I am now 26 weeks and I start my classes on Thursday! Eeck!
  • my next mw appt is at 24 weeks but i was booked up for my classes at my booking in appt so already have all my dates, i didnt think to mention it but she left the room n come back with a diary telling me i was booked in.
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