Any primary teachers help me with mat pay?

Hi girls. Just wondering if anyone can help me work out what maternity pay I am entitled to? I'm currently in my 4th year and work for the LEA. I will start my maternity leave when we finish for Easter on 7th April but will only be putting 19th April as my first day on mat form. I will be off for 2 terms and go back on the 6th Jan 2010. In total it will be approx 38 weeks,
I know I get the first 4 weeks full pay then some weeks 90%, the 50% etc but then what am I entitled to SMP?

Any help will be much appreciated!
Michelle x


  • hia well curently it is first 6 weeks 90% of your normal pay,then the following 33 weeks it is statuory pay at ??112.45.I think from next april,the whole yaer will be paid,as opposed to curent 9 months.Good luck with your pregnancy!
  • Just found this. Is this right??

    Ordinary maternity leave of up to 26 weeks which will be paid leave as follows:

    ??????? first 4 weeks of absence: full pay inclusive of Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP);
    ??????? next 2 weeks: 90 per cent of a week's salary inclusive of SMP;
    ??????? next 12 weeks: half pay plus ??117.18 SMP (not exceeding full pay);
    ??????? next 8 weeks: ??117.18 SMP.
  • four weeks' full pay;
    two weeks' 90% pay;
    12 weeks' half pay plus SMP;
    21 weeks' SMP;
    13 weeks' unpaid leave.
  • lol, just about to reply with the same info as shopoholic.

    BUT- do check with your LEA because some actually do a slightly better deal (they are not allowed to give you any less than that). My LEA gave me 20 weeks of 45% pay instead of the 12 weeks of half pay.
  • I got:
    4 weeks full pay
    2 weeks 90% pay
    12 weeks half pay plus SMP
    then SMP.

    On my form I had the choice of getting the pay paid like Poz, but I chose to leave it as the above.
  • It is worth checking with your authority.
    I work for manchester LA and get one deal, while someone I know works across the border in Tameside and they get a MUCH better deal!!
    When I sent my MATB1 form in the LA sent me the info on brakdown of money.
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