Ok, I am itching from head t toe. I have a rash on my hands, chest, back and parts of my legs. It is driving me mad.

ANy ideas?


  • Ur skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy and iching is one of those lovely pregnancy gripes. However severe iching on ur hands and feet can indicate liver problems so i wud mention it u ur mw wen u next see her. I suffered with terrible iching all over in my last pregnancy, but fortunately this time round iv only got an ichy bump. Try using oilatum in the bath and a sensitive moisturiser. Failing that i wud speak 2 ur mw or gp and see if they can prescribe a cream. Hope it gets better soon. Kerry xxx

  • How far on are you hun? is the rash like spots all over and very itchy? x
  • I am 22 weeks.

    I phoned the hospital as I had a rash on both hands, all over my chest, my legs etc.
    I had some clarytin in the cupboard and I asked if I could take one, they said this was fine and to ring back if that hadn't helped in an hour.
    Went to bed and managed to sleep.
    This morning I still have some of the rash but it isn't quite as itchy, keeping an eye on it though. I see my MW again on the 29th so will mention it then if it is no better.
    I was climbing the walls last night. was sooo itchy.

    Kerry, I think it freaked me coz with my first 2 I had none at all.
  • I had this with my first, contact your midwife if it gets worse on your hands and feet but itching of your bump is normal. Major itching of the hands and feet, and I mean major to the point where you cant sleep its so itchy, can indicate puritus (sp?!) which I had in my first pregnancy. I couldnt sleep unless my hands and feet were wrapped in soaking wet tea towels!
  • Yeah I looked it all up last night.

    My bump itched all the time with Jack and Ashleigh so I am used to that.
  • I had puppps when i was pregnant but you dont get this till 34 weks onwards, it was bloody hell. Hope you get something sorted soon. xxx
  • Might just have been an allergy. When I was about 8 weeks I came out in a huge rash that spread all over my body and itched like crazy. It turned out to be an allergic reaction to something I had eaten and it took about 4 days to disapear completely, it kept coming back up in different places! Apparantly being pregnant can affect your system and cause new allergies or make old ones worse. Hope you stop itching soon!
  • i had exactly that with my first pregnancy. all over it was awful i just couldnt stop scratching! calamine(spelling) lotion i used to pour it all over me. it would help for a bit but then id have to re aply! but i remember i had it later on in preg n it only lasted a few weeks! the docs just said it was another pregnancy thing as i was tested for all the other suspects x
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