when did you start feeling movement?

hey girls, just curious really, been having like a strange feeling like nervousness lol, butterflies, but not as strong in my uterus area. not sure if i'm way too early and maybe just feeling things growing etc?

i'm 13+1 today and i know i've got an anterior placenta - so maybe i might not feel as much movement as others?

thanks girls xxxx


  • I was in the bath last night and felt something very odd happening 'down there' it felt like popping so totally freaked out and got hubby as I felt so stupid I cant feel movement this early! It felt very fluterry. I think it was maybe just my uterus doing something new and it confused me, getting very excited about feeling the baby though, will be a good day!
    13 weeks, whoop.
  • I've started to feel little flutters over the last week or so but it's still really hard to say for sure whether it's bub! Am 17+4
  • It varies a lot but I think it's around 16 weeks for most first timers, perhaps a week or so early for following pregnancies.

    I have an anterior placenta and started feeling movement at 20 weeks xx
  • thanks girls! think it's a little early to be honest, but can't wait until he/she starts kicking for sure =D xx
  • I have an anterior placenta but felt subtle movements from 14 weeks (felt like I had a fish in there) getting considerably stronger, felt first kick/punch at 16 weeks & hubby felt for the first time at 18 weeks. At all my scans baby has been incredibly wriggly and mw had a nightmare finding hb at 14 weeks as baby kept moving lol so this may be why I felt movements so consistently and so early

  • I have AP and felt first definite movement at 18 and a half weeks, the week before that I had felt a few very sporadic wee 'pop' against my skin but that day was when I knew for certain. By 21 weeks I felt something every day but could be just a couple times a day, then I would say by about 24-25 weeks more regular than that- I have had problems throughout feeling consistent movement due to my AP but this doesn't appear to happen to everyone! and at least you know you have AP which is a possible cause of some movements being cushioned. xxx
    T 30+1

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  • I can't wait to start feeling little kicks, though I'm 6wks today so I'm in for a long wait :roll: xx
  • Hiya hun!!!

    I have an anterior placenta and I didnt feel proper kicks till bout 21 weeks!!! it is diff for everyone!!!

    Rache 37+1 xxx
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